Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkins in the Park 2015

Oh hey guys, Happy Monday! Guess what I did this weekend? Well, one of the things I did. I went for a run! Ha, it probably doesn't seem so newsworthy, but this was the first organized run I've done in a long time. It was only a 5k, but considering I haven't run in forever, this seemed like a big accomplishment. I was never concerned about not finishing, but considering it was the most I had run this month I'm pretty proud of myself -although slightly concerned about how my quads still hurt today. Anywho... it was a lovely day for a run and I got to it with some lovely ladies. The best part was probably the (pre and) post race drinks and going out to a bar on a Saturday night in running wear (so comfy)! I may even be crazy enough to do it again... although next time I do think I'll train (or you know, do a few laps before the run).

In other weekend news, the kiddos test drove their Halloween costumes and their trick-or-treating skills at the Halloween event on Southport. It was a gorgeous day and the kids loved seeing all the fun costumes. Huge is gone for actual Halloween so it was nice to do a little holiday stuff as a family.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Um... hello?

*taps mic* so... ya... this is awkward... it's been a looong time... so, um, hi there! I feel like I should just jump back in, but it's been soo incredibly long that it might seem odd that I don't mention that... but then again, does anyone really care?

Well, it's now 2015... and this blog hasn't seen action since the spring of 2014... wrap your head around that one. I, also, do not know where the time has gone. I can't pretend to say nothing has happened, because that clearly is a big fat lie, but at the same time nothing is ridiculously different. 

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law, along with their darling 7 month old twin girls were here visiting us and we got to talking about the blog and she asked if I still wrote on it. I told her I hadn't kept up with it although I have lots of posts in draft form, but never bothered to finish and publish them. Anyway, we started looking through my (limited) archives and I realized how great the blog really is/was. There were many things I had already forgotten and seeing pictures and reliving it was a lot of fun. And, I always gripe about not having any (productive) hobbies... so maybe this can count as one. Wow... that is a very long intro to say, hey guys, I'm back!

And to kick it off... here's a picture of the 2 muchkins that have been keeping me busy these past few months.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pumpkin farm

The kids and I went to the pumpkin farm with some dear friends of ours. The good news is that this wasn't any ordinary, pick-a-pumpkin farm... there was also a pumpkin eating dinosaur:

An entire petting zoo (and regular zoo for that matter), including lots of animals you could feed. Callan especially enjoyed the giraffe (not pictured obviously, but in case you needed to brush up on your zoology).

And of course since we're in the midwest (which, I do sometimes forget), we got to witness our first (but not last) pig race.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

My little monkeys

My 2 little monkeys enjoyed the nice weather at the zoo.

Sigh, they are getting so big!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nora's 12 month appt

Today was Nora's 1 year appointment and she passed with flying colors.
She's still giant and in the  90+ percentile across the board for height, weight and head circumference.

Since her 9 month appointment she grew about 2 inches and is 30.75 inches (93%), gained less than a pound (25 lbs 1.5 oz (97%) and her head is 18.74 inches (97.5%!).

She didn't really enjoy getting her shots, but it was worth celebrating her year with a cheeseburger and fries!

These pictures totally crack me up. I love it.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Dear Nora: Happy 1st birthday!

Dear Nora bug-
Can you believe it? It has been 12 months (and a few days) since you popped into this world, and what a crazy fast year it's been. It's been an amazing year to say the least, but it really has flown by at warp speed. I thought your brother's first year was fast, but when I think back I can remember some of his first year more vividly than yours. It's always amazing to watch babies grow -especially in their first year and especially when they're your babies. There's so much that's changed over the last 12 months and so many things that I want to hold onto and remember. Every day you grow bigger and bigger and I get to see more and more of your personality shine though. I get to see glimpses of the girl you're going to be and I'm so excited to be a part of that.

You've done so much this year and you've been such a great baby girl. Callan was a pretty great baby, so I was worried I was going to have to pay for it with a second, not as easy baby. But, you've proved all the sayings wrong. IF it's even possible, you were even MORE of a laid back baby than Callan. You are not (however) as good of a night sleeper as he was, but you go to bed early, take long day naps and are generally one of the happiest, fun babies I know. You have been teased a lot this first year by your gigantism, but it's just because there's so much of you to love! Everyone thought Callan was a big baby, but you've proven (once again) that you can do anything he can do and better! 

Nora bug, your first year truly has been amazing and I'm sad it's over and that it went by in the blink of an eye, but I know how much fun the next stages are going to be and I'm so excited for that. You already are showing so much personality and you and your brother are going to have so much fun together. Thanks Nora bug for making me a mom again and for making me look good at that.

I really had plans on learning how to make a proper video (i.e. editing it and cutting it down to fit perfectly in time with a song), but we all know that time around here is precious and there are some things I can't be bothered with... so here's your first year video. Mostly of pictures I took on my phone, unedited and too long b/c I couldn't cut out any more pictures (so sorry you're going to hear the song repeated).

Happy first birthday baby girl. You light up my life and I love you more than you can imagine.