Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend recap

So I went to Canada this weekend for my husband’s friend’s wedding. It was such a good time, but it was so busy and it went by way too quickly. Trips “away” like this make me more tired than anything, but they are definitely worth it.
Since I can’t really recap everything that happened, I’ll just leave you with a few snippets of funny things that happened to me this weekend:
-I was told by a friend that I was like the sister he’s never had… this is very sweet, but too bad for his sister… yes, this kid already has one.
-I was told by a TSA agent that I was fat… well, not really, but she did say that my pants were too tight. Back story –she was doing a random screening of me and gave me the old pat down… when she went to go look at my waist, she realized that my jeans were fitted and that I wasn’t smuggling anything there. So that’s when she told me oh so nicely that my pants were too tight.
-After my weekend away I was greeted at the airport by the same person who had checked me in 2 days before. She recognized me and asked how my trip was… very strange.

Hm… I thought I had more. Oh well, until next time!

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