Monday, September 24, 2012

My boys

Mondays are now daddy and Callan days. They've been going on field trips and today is no different. Here they are on the bus on the way to the museum. So lucky!

Friday, September 21, 2012

New buddy

Although we miss Luke a lot, Callan has a new little buddy!

Adelia's sister is also a nanny and one of the kids she takes care of is a little boy named Max. Adelia and her sister have been getting together for playdates and although Max is a bit older than Callan, they're getting along just fine.

Callan and Max at the museum

Callan and Max at the museum

Callan and Max at the zoo.
This picture kills me -they're holding hands! How cute is that?

Monday, September 17, 2012


Sorry it's been so quiet around here. It hasn't been due to a lack of activity -It's been a busy end to summer, but here's to a quieter fall..

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dear Callan: Sweet 16

Dear Bubs-
Oh boy is mama behind. This past month you turned 16 months old and it was a doozy of a month. So much has happened and changed that it's hard to remember exactly what was different than the month before. 

You are a bonne fide toddler, always on the move, walking, running and climbing  and just like a stereotypical boy you love cars and trucks and everything goes "vroom, vroom" (including trains -we're working on you saying choo-choo). 

You also think you're older than you are and like to do things that the big boys do. At the playground you're always fascinated by them and watch them, ready to mimic whatever they're doing even if you're still too little. Your stubborn streak is still there (and growing), which is probably going to make the next few years very frustrating for all of us. 

You're still a great eater and sometimes the volume of food you put away makes me really nervous about feeding you as a teenager. You're great about trying new foods, but love your stand by favorites (like pasta, fruit and cheese). We're still working on your milk intake, but you're getting by and we're not too worried. However, your favorite thing right now is to drink from a  cup... the only problem is that when you're done drinking, you like to tip the cup over and empty the contents of it on yourself or the floor. You've also started doing that with your food. When you're done eating we are trying to teach you to leave your food on your plate or tray and just telling us you're done, rather than clearing your tray by dropping its contents on the floor.

This past month has also brought some changes to your routine. Your little buddy Luke moved to the suburbs and left you alone with Adelia. Although you LOVE Adelia, I think you're going to miss your little buddy. You guys have been together with Adelia for a year (ever since mama went back to work) and he's been your little play buddy since before you even knew the other existed. We're all going to miss Luke, but Luke's mama and I are making a promise to get together once a month so we can continue to watch you two grow and so you won't forget your first little buddy.

Munchkin, there is so much more to talk about and tell you, but for now this is all I got. Your smile and laugh are infectious and even though you're stubbornness is going to make mama go grey, it's amazing to watch you turn into this independent little boy. The good thing is that you still freely give out hugs and kisses because I know there's a day when that's going to end, but I'm hoping that's still a long ways away. I love when you come over and take me by the hand to show me something or to lead me to something you need help with... you're still my little baby and always will be, even when we're celebrating your real sweet 16 (which, p.s. do boys even do that or is that only girls?).

Happy 16 months munchkin. I love you and can't wait to see what else is in store for us.