Saturday, June 30, 2012

Silly boys

One of the great things about living next door to your friends is that you can drop by for impromptu play dates. It's also nice that the boys are close in age and can play together.

Ellis was sitting in his little wagon and Callan decided he wanted in on the action. Somehow they both managed to fit in there. Today it's a joy ride in a wagon, 18 years from now it'll be the car. These two are going to be trouble!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


If the pea trick doesn't get him on, this clip might...

Seriously, my kid cracks me up.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear Callan: Fourteen

Dear Callan-
This past weekend, while we were in Boston, you turned 14 months old (I'm getting better -this was only a few days late). You are this little toddler, so full of energy and personality that just charms the pants off of everyone you meet. You are a happy little boy who loves smiling, laughing, being silly, dancing (love!) and having fun.

You love helping, whether that's getting up on your tip toes to put laundry in the washer machine...
or helping take the trash out...
You are always wanting to help. You love to show off your muscles and attempt to lift things -even things that are much too big or heavy for you, but you'll try anyway. And if someone tries to tell you not to (or dissuade you), you are not buying it and will protest (loudly).

You've turned into this little boy that can suddenly do so much. I sometimes forget that you've only just turned one and strangers that meet you for the first time are always shocked by that too. Not only because you're a bit larger than the average one year old, but you also just act and feel older. As a stranger on the train once told me -you have a wise face and a knowing look about you and that he could tell that you were aware of what was going on around you and that you were just taking it all in. Although I don't encourage talking to strangers, I did have to agree with him. You definitely are aware and definitely keeping tabs on everything going on around you.

Obviously, the coolest kid on the playground...

But it's crazy to see how you're developing. You do things like a little human -you run, dance, dig, play with your cars, push things, lift things up, climb and all around just amaze me. Watching you at the playground, you can now climb the stairs and go down the slide on your own. You can hang from the top of the slide before you go down and you also love climbing up the slide when you're done.  It's fascinating to see how far up you can go and how determined you are to do it. You're still a bit of a daredevil and I'm sure if I wasn't right there you would be happy to run right off the edge, but for now (knock on wood), we've prevented that from happening.

It's also mind boggling to me how much you're comprehending. You aren't really talking -other than a few words here and there, your favorite word, "this" (always done while pointing at something), some signs, pointing, grunting, but you are definitely understanding what people tell you, and that is amazing. I'm convinced that you're going to be a late talker, but when you do start talking you're going to bust out in full out sentences and soliloquies and then I'll be worried that you'll never stop because with the amount of curiosity brimming out of you now I can only imagine the endless stream of "why" questions that are in my future.

You, my boy, are amazing and I'll never tire of telling you that. You also make me laugh every day and bring so much joy into my life.

I love you.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Callan loves the ladies, and the ladies love him!

Hanging out with friends and their kiddos this weekend makes me miss Boston. Chicago is home, but Boston always holds a special place in my heart.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

water baby

Adelia took Callan to the zoo one day and it was h-o-t. This was a great way to cool down. This kid loves the water!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

Huge has often commented after reading my monthly letters to Callan about how I don't write nice things about him. So although I'm not one to wax poetically and be all shmoopy I figure I can take this day to fulfill Huge's wish (happy Fathers day!). Having a child also gives these holidays a different meaning and makes you want to acknowledge and recognize the other.

So to my dad, who may not have always been my favorite person growing up, you were what you were supposed to be -a parent first and now as adults, we can be (and are) friends. Thank you for helping shape me and for instilling a sense of right and wrong and teaching me to do the right thing, even when that is the harder choice. And now as Callan's papa, you get to be involved in another child's life, but in a different, more fun way. We are fortunate to have you and we love you.

And to Huge. You are a wonderful husband (even when I'm mad at you and even if I don't tell you very often), but you are an even more amazing father. Callan and I both lucked out with you. Although you are not here to celebrate Fathers Day officially with us, I'm glad your off doing something fun, even if it is work. You remind us that it's never too late to follow your dreams and you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Your willingness to take risks, your passion, your big heart and your brains are things that I hope Callan inherits from you. I love you and Callan loves you. Hope you have a good day.

So happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there and all the father figures. Hope you enjoy your day and even though moms get all the glory, know that you are appreciated.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What a weekend

This past weekend I was supposed to run my half marathon... remember when I talked about doing that? Yah... it was a good idea, but I just wasn't able to follow through. My training plan fell by the wayside and I claim a combination of work and Huge's travel schedule are to blame, but let's be honest, I probably could have figured out a way if I REALLY wanted to. I'm a little sad/disappointed that I didn't do it, but it was also about 90 degrees, so not great conditions for a novice like me. Anyway, instead of running I got to spend some extra time with munchkin and Huge (when he wasn't working). And since it was so hot, it was a great excuse to go get ice cream (or frozen yogurt). I love the tartness of live culture yogurt and Callan's a big fan too. 

Hmm, mama claimed there's ice cream in there...

I think I taste it...

Oh yum...

Hm, why is this empty?!?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Museum day

A few weeks ago Adelia took the boys to the Museum of Science and Industry.  Callan looks so serious in these pics, but she said he had a good time. I have to say, the boys get to go on some fun field trips!

Callan loves to "help" and he loves pushing the stroller. Adelia said she lets them out one at a time and during Callan's time out he would help push the stroller.  if you look closely, you can Luke's head in the stroller.

Inside an airplane -a familiar place for both these boys! 

Callan blending in with the big kids.

Monday, June 11, 2012

New trick

Callan went to the zoo last week with Adelia and Luke... I think he picked up a new trick.

Over the last few days he'll be eating and then just put his face down to eat food directly off his tray. Then this happened yesterday, and although we aren't encouraging it, it is pretty darn cute (especially since he doesn't go to the same spot every time, he'll walk around and chose different places to put down his snack).

Monday, June 4, 2012

Nice day for riding a horse

My brother and sister-in-law got Callan this horse for Christmas. He wasn't too sure of it at first, but then when nana and papa came to visit in April, they showed him how cool the horse was and he's been warming up to it ever since. Now I think his mind's made up.

When you squeeze the ears the horse sings and makes noises, which Callan is a big fan of. Any excuse to dance!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dear Callan: A baker's dozen (& then some)

Dear Callan-

I know you probably thought I would stop these shenanigans once you turned one, but I'm thinking I might try to keep it up for awhile longer... maybe until your next birthday. However, if the upcoming months are anything like the last, then I might not make it. I didn't even realize your 13 month birthday had passed until quite a few days later. It's been a crazy month -as you can probably tell by how late this letter is. I started it shortly after I realized you turned 13 months (around the 27th or so) and now on the 3rd of June, I will finally finish it. Sigh. Time is flying by at warp speed and every day/week is going by more quickly than the last.

You are turning into this little toddler boy. All semblance of babyhood is for the most part gone and although that saddens me, it also thrills me to see the world unfolding for you and to see you interacting with it. Your toddle turned into walking and that walking has turned into running. You are climbing and being mischievous in your curiosity and quest to figure things out and to do it on your own. For such a laid back kid, you've got a stubborn streak! Your shrieks of indignation let us know when things aren't going the way you want like if we take something away or try to make you so something you don't want to do. If this behavior is any indication of what's to come, I might not make it out of your terrible two's and three's.

You know your body parts and we're working on animal sounds but you still aren't talking a whole lot. Although you have some words down; mama, baby, ball, papa, banana (well sort of), dada -although these are mostly done to mimic or repeat what someone has said to you. You are picking up sign language though and I think it thrills and delights you when you can tell us things through signs. So far we've got water, eat, cracker, bath, all done, more, brush teeth and help. It's cute to see you sign and a few of them are done incorrectly, but consistently, so we know what it means. Again, some are done when you hear a word, so it's awfully confusing when we ask you if you're all done or want more and you do both sign, but we're getting there. We are going to try to put a few more words in your repertoire but I'm hoping you'll be verbally communicating soon. 

What else... I can't even think... I just know that with each passing day, I love seeing you learn and explore. You'll mimic things you've seen and I love watching you play and seeing how interactive you are becoming with the world around you. I know there are going to be tough times, but we'll get through them.

I love you.