Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eleven? Really?

Dear Callan-
Today marks your ELEVEN month birthday... holy moly. That means 1 more month, just 31 days, and you will be a year old... Um... really? How did this happen?!? Don't get me wrong, every month has been amazing, but it has really gone by too fast. People aren't lying when they say watch out because your kid will grow up in a blink of an eye -you are nearly a year old and I still think of you as my baby (which, for the record, you always will be).

Like every month, this month has flown by with a flurry of activity. You are a bonna fide walker and although you still like to crawl, you are walking more and more confidently every day. You are pointing, waving, clapping, smiling, laughing and just being an all around joyful kid. I mean, look at this smile -I can hear you laughing in this picture (sorry your pants are short, but hooray for shoes that fit (for now). You have giant feet!) -this is a picture of a happy kid!

You like to bang things together and to try to take things apart. You're learning zippers and love playing musical instruments as well as playing with your blocks and balls and reading your books. Speaking of musical instruments, you have a pair of cymbals that you know how to use, but the other day you decided that holding them in each hand was too pedestrian, so you put one in your mouth and then used one hand to bang the cymbals together. It was the funniest thing to watch and although I probably shouldn't encourage you to do that (since if you miss you'll be smacking yourself straight in the face), I couldn't help but laugh, which in turn made you laugh. You also love "dancing" and I put that in quotes because sometimes what you do doesn't really qualify as dancing, but I give you credit for "feeling the music". Sometimes when you wake up you'll just play in your crib and laugh/talk/sing but once we pull back the curtain, your face will just light up and you start laughing and dancing waiting for someone to come pick you up. I hope your face will always light up like that when you see me, because mine always will for you.

Speaking of bedtime... You are doing an awesome job sleeping. To be honest, even when you are (or were) problematic, it was nothing compared to other kids. BUT, you have a hard time falling asleep on your own. You tend to roll and thrash around (sometimes putting your foot up the side of the bed or resting your arm on the crib bumper) before you get comfortable and you don't like to fall asleep on your own. Sometimes you go to bed and roll over to your side and it will seem like you're asleep, but then you'll turn your head to look up and make sure that someone is still there watching you. I really shouldn't complain, but it does tack on a few more minutes to your bedtime routine. I'd like to just plop you in bed and walk away, but I guess if it gives me a few extra quiet minutes with you, I should savor them since soon you'll want me to just drop you off and walk away.

What else... you are an eating machine and you love pretty much everything. We still haven't swayed you on raw bell peppers or raw tomatoes, but pretty much anything else you'll eat and enjoy. Going out for long dinners has started to become a little bit more difficult since you don't like to sit still (unless you're eating), but you're still a lot of fun to take out. You are also a little charmer and love to flirt with strangers, especially the pretty girls. Your dad even commented on how you have a knack for picking up ladies.  While we were on an afternoon walk, literally every woman that walked by gave you a smile. I'm not going to lie, I think your dad was jealous since none of them smiled at him!

You also love other kids. We take you to the park a lot and you love watching all the kids, especially the older ones and you want to take part in whatever they're doing. You aren't shy with them, which I think is great and I attribute it to the fact that you have Luke and have essentially been growing up with him. You guys are definitely buddies and as you get older, it's fun to see you guys interact.

You're not really talking a whole lot, although you definitely have mama down (thank you). Even though I'm not looking forward to the endless chatter that will eventually come (including the classic "why" questions of toddlerhood), I'm really excited for you to start talking. I wonder if you'll be a chatter box (like your mom was/is) or more of a silent, stoic type.

You truly are one of the happiest babies I know. You bring so much joy into my life and your exuberance just rubs off on everyone. No matter how crummy of a mood I'm in, your smile and laugh are infection and it lifts my spirit. You give these big hugs with your whole body and I love how you always nestle your head on my shoulder when you hug me. You still give out sloppy kisses (which you find hilarious) and even though it's kind of gross, I'll still keep asking for them and taking them for as long as you're willing to give them.

You are amazing.


One of your quieter moments

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  1. Happy 11 months big boy...I even get a little teary thinking about you turning one!