Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkey day and 19 months

Dear Callan-
Happy 19 months munchkin. You are a crazy, crazy toddler, but (usually) so much fun! There's so much going on this month, not just in your development, but also in your life.

We went to the Martin's house for Thanksgiving (as is tradition) and it was so fun to watch you play with the kids. Haruki's cousins were there and it's funny to think of all of you running around next year. We ate tons of great food and had fun catching up with everyone, but the best part of Thanksgiving (or the second best thing) is the leftovers and you enjoyed them fully!

That smile says it all.

You are going to be a big brother in April and we found out this month that it will be a little sister for you. You will give the baby a kiss and pat my belly when we ask you where baby is, which is so cute. Hopefully you'll want to give them to her when she's born too. You are really affection and are really good at giving out hugs and kisses. Sometimes you'll make your "kissy" face from across the room and hold it until you reach your target. I love your snuggles, your hugs and your kisses and although I would love some personal space, it's very cute to have you snuggle up to me on the couch or on the floor so you can have as much of your body touching mine as possible (and it usually ends up with you on my lap although I'm not sure how much longer you'll have room to do that.). You definitely like your dada more and more every day, but I'm still number one in your books. I know I won't keep that spot forever, but I love it for now.

Your talking has increased a bunch and your recognition of things is astounding. Adelia is definitely teaching you a ton of things. The problem is that many of your words sound the same so it takes a little bit of guessing to figure out what you're trying to tell us. You LOVE the word "no", but you haven't started to say "yes" yet -instead you nod your head, which is both adorable and effective. Also the way you say bye, in your little toddler voice just melts my heart.

You still love your cars ("vrooms"), trucks, buses, boats and trains. You've also recently started to point out airplanes and at night we'll watch them fly by while you scream "plane". But as much of a boy you are with the love of motorized vehicles, you also love playing with mama's earrings and necklaces including these mardi gras beads you love to wear around.
Oh munchkin, time is flying by way too fast. All too soon, you're not going to be the only child, but you'll always be my number one. We are moving into our new house this week, which means you have to leave your buddy Ellis (and mama and dada have to leave their buddies too), but I'm so excited to settle in and make lots of amazing memories with you and dada.

Happy 19 months munchkin.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Olympics here we come

Should I be worried that Adelia is Béla Károlyi in disguise?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sleep over

While we want out to dinner Friday night, someone had a sleepover -and I must say, quite successful!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

18 month well baby and other updates

Callan had his 18 month doctor appointment last week and the doctor validated everything we already knew. He's growing bigger and stronger every day. Although he didn't grow too much (only about an inch), he continues to be off the charts for height at 35.5 inches. He also gained another few pounds and is 27 pounds, 2 ounces, but that still keeps him in the 70th percentile. And his head at 19 inches, continues strong in the 60-70th percentile.

In other updates, my second pregnancy is chugging along at kind of an alarmingly fast rate. Obviously I've got Callan, Huge and the pending move keeping me busy, but I remember the last pregnancy going so.much.slower. This time, not so much... I'm already 20 weeks in (which means, um, hello, I'm halfway done!). This kid has already fallen victim to second kid syndrome and not nearly as many pictures have been taken to document their (short) existence. Anyway, for those of you asking, here's my 20 week picture (for reference, here's my picture from the last time). I'm feeling like I've popped, but now that I look at this picture, maybe not so much. Although, this is what you get for squeezing your 20 week pregnant self into your pre-pregnancy clothes. I'm starting off smaller than I did at my last pregnancy so my maternity clothes don't really fit me yet, but I should probably give this baby some room to breathe. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and buy a couple pairs of pants. I'm sure I can make do with the shirts I have until I fit into my maternity ones, but the pants are starting to be a struggle.

Anyway, I planned on doing lots more updates -like about the first trimester (cliffs notes edition: the first trimester was terrible... lots of nausea, puking and general feeling of blah but the second has been much better) -but at this point it seems moot. My energy (and appetite) are back, so I'm hoping the rest of this is smooth sailing. And for those of you keeping track, yes, the 20 week mark is when you get your big ultrasound. We will be finding out again so stay tuned. Our ultrasound is next week so we'll know by then (hopefully) whether this little nugget is a boy or girl!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Every kid loves spaghetti -including this one.