Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December in review

Since it seems I haven’t written since the beginning of December maybe I should recap what happened this month.

I decided on and bought a watch. It was one of the more expensive things I have purchased for myself and was pretty nervous about it… but once I bit the bullet and decided on it, I have no regrets. And I LOVE it. A.LOT. And in my defense, I found a (much) less expensive Bulova watch that online looked similar to the watch I wanted, but in reality, it was not the same at all… so I returned it (still waiting for a refund and bought my new one. And in case you forgot how lovely it was, here’s a picture:

I finished school! It took me a long time to do, but I finally finished my masters. However, because it took me so long, I’m still waiting for my diploma to arrive in the mail (I’m not going to convocation) before I really celebrate. However, that did not preclude me from accepting presents from my parents for my graduation. I had a lovely day shopping with my mom where she bought me this purse and this necklace. I know, spoiled much?

Christmas! Wow, that came fast and furious –very similar to our (me and my husband) trip home. We went to Boston for a few days before Christmas and then flew up to Montreal on Christmas Eve for the weekend. Christmas was amazing and so great to see friends and family. Of course we were spoiled silly with gifts, so a big thank you to everyone (our parents especially). And my husband got me great presents this year –made up for last year’s used alarm clock and post-it fiasco… hehe, kidding.

Also, speaking of my Christmas visit... terrorists really have to stop messing with flights. It is causing people to freak out and is making my trips so much longer. I don't mind extra security and extra screening, I get it, it's for my protection... but seriously... terrorists, I blame you.

And then speaking of airports... (I know, total tangent), but people are R-U-D-E! I witnessed a nicely dressed man in a suit YELLING at a gate agent about the cancelled flight. Um, the flight was cancelled because of mechanical problems... yes that's annoying, and yes you probably want to get wherever you're going b/c you're important. But wouldn't you rather then cancel the flight then risk flying you in the plane and having it crash?!? Hmm... something to ponder. And also, if you're a big whig, you probably shouldn't book your flight with the budget airline... yah, just sayin'.

Lastly, 2009 is ending! Yup, just one more day… So I guess looking forward to the new year it’s logical to think of things that you want to change (i.e new year’s resolutions) and also to reflect on the year past. My husband takes a million photos (seriously), so I think this year I want to try to make a little slideshow/montage of photos from the year. If I do it (hopefully I do!) then I’ll be sure to post them here.

One resolution should be to post more here. I have a terrible memory so this is a good way to keep track of my life… Ok, talk soon!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I need the internet to tell me...

So I'm feeling exhausted and stayed up late last night. I planned to work out tonight since I wouldn't be able to again until the weekend. Should I go work out? or go to bed early and try to get up and run before work tomorrow? What's more important -sleep or exercise?

On a related note, why is hard to not be fat and lazy? That's so much easier!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Wowsers, it's December already... just a few weeks from now I'll be on a plane heading back East to celebrate Christmas with my family and then off to Canada to celebrate with my husband's. Time is flying by and things are just kind of crazy.

In other news... nothing. I'm trying to get into running again, but I haven't really been too successful. I think part of the problem is that I need a much better running mix. I haven't listened to the radio in ages (seriously, my radio is currently set to static), so I have no idea what new songs are out there, or what would be great for running.

I have about $15 left on an itunes gift card... so any suggestions for songs for a great running mix?