Thursday, May 27, 2010

Corporate Challenge run 2010

So I haven’t run in about 2 months… with vacation, work and a personal issue preventing me from running, I have been a lazy, lazy person. I have been walking to and from work most days (about 2 miles each way), but that isn’t too strenuous. Tonight is the annual JPMorgan Corporate Challenge. I’ve run this for the past 7 years and although I am not super fast, I can usually do it about 33ish minutes (not bad –it’s 3.5 miles). This year since I haven’t run in 2 months, I’m hoping to do it in under 40… think that’s feasible? I also have super sore hamstrings b/c I decided to go back to yoga on Tuesday night and I think I may have “overstretched” them… so will that be a good enough excuse for why I can’t run too fast?

Tonight may be my triumphant return to running (or sideline me for another few weeks! haha, I know, I'm dramatic). I’ll update you tomorrow with the result of the "Challenge".

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hello internet -it's been awhile. I know... there always seem to be a lag b/w posting, but I promise I'm going to try to be better... I just need something to write about!

Anyway nothing crazy has been going on with me... I had a personal issue that I've been sorting through for the last few weeks, but I think that's all past me now. So moving on, that's really all the news I have.

Actually that's a lie. 2 weekends ago, 2 girlfriends of mine from Boston came to visit and boy did we have fun (and cause a little trouble!). We had a jam packed weekend trying to fit all the highlights of Chicago in a weekend. I think we were pretty successful. We went to a Cubs game of Friday afternoon and after a few beers (or 5, whatever) we went bar hopping in Wrigley. Now if you are from Chicago or have ever visited Chicago during a Cubs game, you know that Wrigley can get a little wild. And some of the bars are more geared for the young crowd... neither one of those things stopped us and we went on to harrass a few boys and surprisingly no one seemed to mind (and I'm sure most of them welcomed/enjoyed the extra attention from us!).
Yup, this pretty much sums up our weekend! haha.

Anyway, after the festivities of Friday, Sat. was a much quieter day with a leisurely lunch, manicure and pedicure and then a late dinner and an even later show at Second City. The show at Second City was a lot of fun -it's definitely one of those things that I don't do very often, but when I go, I always wish I did more frequently. If you are ever in town and enjoy improv/sketch comedy, then I would recommend getting a ticket for Second City. It does however sell out (or at least the earlier shows -we had to get tickets for the 11 pm show), so reserve a ticket early. Sunday was a quick breakfast of waffles and then the ladies left.

The following week (last week) my mom came into town and we had a very relaxing and fun time together...

So that brings you up to date (for the most part). Now that the weather is turning nicer, it finally feels like summer! Summer in Chicago is the best... I'll keep you aprised of any high jinx that happen ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Homemade dinner

I had a delicious homemade dinner tonight. I thick and hearty tortilla soup, with these deliciously crunchy, just salty enough tortilla strips. Absolutely divine! I'd share the recipe, but I didn't make it. My friend took pity on me and brought me some of her homemade goodness. Yum. Thank goodness for friends... otherwise, honestly, I probably would have had yogurt and candy for dinner! Sigh, when does my cook, ahem, husband come back?!?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Survived week 1

As most people know my husband (Huge) is away for 6 weeks attending a conference/training seminar in Massachusetts. Coming from a long distance relationship, we're not completely new to this seperation/time apart, but for me it is inconvenient. There are many things that Huge does on a regular basis that I have come to enjoy (and expect). One of which, is his skill in the kitchen. Most days during the week, Huge is in charge of cooking dinner (and usually has it ready by the time I get home -I know, I am very spoiled). So with Huge being away, I have had to take over this task for myself...

As most of you know, when Huge cooks dinner, he cooks dinner. It's not a frozen meal or prepackaged dinner, it's an honest to goodness well-rounded meal. And as most of you know, I am not a cook... frozen meals and prepackaged dinners are kind of my staple. And well-rounded meals? That's not really a requirement for me... a box of mashed potatoes or hummus can pass as a full meal for me! (that sound was the sound of my husband crying over my food choices).

Anyway, as the title says, I survived my first week alone. I also managed to cook last week. I did go out to dinner once, but that was it and I didn't order take out or delivery. However, I did only cook dinner once... and then proceeded to eat it every day for 6 days (and yes, that last day was probably a little iffy). For me it was totally fine, but I do know most would be appalled at eating the same meal for 6 days straight.

So moral of the story -I should cook more than once a week and try to have more well-balanced meals :) Luckily, this week I don't have to worry too much because I have some fabulous girl friends coming to visit which means lots of fabulous places to go out and eat!