Tuesday, September 24, 2013

August family vacation

** So I started this post back in August when we got back... now it's almost October. Yikes.**

Back in January/February (? a long time ago, back when we only had 1 kid each) we discussed with our good friends starting some new family traditions and going on a family vacation together. After lots of searching we found the perfect house in Maine. The only problem was that it was an almost 4 hour drive from Boston and flights to Portland were $2-300 more expensive. But, we all decided that we could hack the drive and booked the house and flights. Fast forward a few months and our August family vacation finally arrived.

Off to the airport. Callan thought he was a bigshot with his rolling backpack (and we got a lot of "oh, how adorable!").

Then the flight there was great. Callan had his own seat (and of course, a lollipop for his "ears")

The house was amazing and just as advertised. I don't have any pictures (of course). There was some good family time.
There was a fair amount of napping (although I wish I did more of it personally).

And relaxing.

Of course lots of eating (lobster).
Callan making this New England mama proud eating "steamers" with gusto.

And ice cream!

Lots of ice cream!
The week flew by and before we knew it we were heading back to Chicago.

Good news. They're still friends after a week together.

And hey, look, clouds!

It was a long day of travel, but totally worth it to hang out on vacation with friends and family.

Can't wait to do it again next year!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun with play-do

Huge has been away a fair amount this year, travelling with work and the kids and I have relied on the kindness of friends to fill up those weekends.  One of Callan's favorite visitors (although, let's be honest, he loves everyone) is Sabrina (and I love her because she always comes and cooks me dinner). He's gotten to cook with her, play silly games and his favorite, do funny things with Play-do. Watch out Tom Selleck, Callan can rock a 'stache!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dear Callan & Nora: 28 & 5

Dear Callan and Nora-
I'm not sure why I'm still trying to eek these out every month... maybe it's to prove to myself that 2nd children aren't as forgotten as "they" say they are... or it's a good excuse to sit down every month and talk about what's happening... but either way, I'm kind of failing at it.

This past month (August) was a great month for us all. We finally went on our first family vacation to Maine with our good friends the Permans. Callan you loved having your best friend around all day to play with and because you're such a water baby, you loved the pool and beach. Nora, this vacation was the first time you went on a plane and as usual, you were a champ. I would claim the vacation a success and hopefully we'll get to do it again next year.

What else... Callan, there's nothing really new to report, but yet, so much is new. You're talking so much more and it's so fun to hear the expressions you've picked up. You have your moments -fake tears, foot stomping and "no, right now", but for the most part, you're a really great kid. You've got an imagination on you and it's fun to hear you use it and you've got a sense of humor too. You're kind of a ham and when you do certain things, you'll look for a reaction from us. Sometimes your dad and I work hard to keep a straight face since we don't want to encourage certain things.

You also are pretty good with your sister. There are obviously times you're not (since you're not perfect), but for the most part, I can't complain. The best part is when I catch you being sweet to Nora and you'll be showing her something or will give her random hugs and kisses or will just tell her "I lub you Nora" without prompting. I hope your relationship with her grows and that you'll eventually be best friends.

This past month we also took a big step in your potty training. Adelia really did most (ok 90%) of the work on this one, but we finally ripped off the band-aid and have been putting you in undies during the day. We haven't gotten overnights down yet since you still LOVE to chug a glass of milk/water before bed, but that will be the next step. I'm so proud of you and most days are accident free.

The only complaint I'd have is your inability to stay the night in your bed. You start off there, but sometime between 1-5am you come creeping into ours.  I keep hoping this will be a phase that you'll eventually get over yourself, but we're definitely months into this habit. I don't necessarily hate it, but I would like just a little bit more room on the bed. 

And Nora buggy, what can I say. You're still a giant roly-poly baby, but you're so happy and lovable. You seem serious at times, but you'll break out into giggles and smiles for pretty much anyone. You especially love your brother (and seem to tolerate a great deal of abuse from him). But whenever you're playing near each other, you'll always try to find him and follow his voice. It'll be interesting to see how it'll be once you start becoming mobile. You are rolling a lot and you aren't quite sitting, but you don't love being left on your back or stomach since you can't see everything. You're pretty happy in your swing or seat and your exersaucer can keep you entertained for a long time. I think you're working on some teeth, but none have popped up yet. Your sleep is pretty solid (although recently you're back to waking up at night to eat), but we were spoiled and it could be a lot worse.

This next month will be your half birthday and I'm still pretty incredulous of how the time has flown by. My maternity leave with you was over in an instant and now it seems like your first year will be too. You're already wearing 9 month clothes and so much will change in the next few months that you'll be like a whole new person. We're going to start solids with you in the next little bit and I think you'll be like Callan and really excited for it. We gave you a piece of steamed broccoli the other day to play with and you were pretty content to hang out and gum at it for awhile. 

Callan and Nora, I want to freeze time to be able to soak in everything, but I'm also so excited to see what the future holds for you.

I love you immensely.



Friday, September 6, 2013

Blast from the past

I was just looking through some drafts and I came accross this picture. Look how little they are! This was taken over 2 years ago (July 2011)

This is what they look like now (May 2013).

Crazy how time flies.