Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend in Canada

This past weekend Callan took his first "international" flight to Canada and got his first stamp in his passport! He travelled like a champ and although he whined a little bit on the plane before he fell asleep coming home, it was short lived and I don't even think the other passengers noticed. In fact we got a few compliments on how well behaved Callan was (and how cute he was).

We had connecting flights there and back, which I was dreading a little bit, but it seemed to work out ok. The flight to Montreal was in the morning, so by the time the flight to Toronto took off, it was just about time for Callan's first nap and he slept the whole way. We brought a play mat for him to play on in the airport while we waited for the next flight and as an added treat, he got to stay in his pj's for most of the day!

While in Montreal, Callan met the rest of Huge's family. His immediate family (mother, father, brother and sister-in-law) has been to Chicago to see Callan, but the rest of his family had not met him and they were all very excited. Callan's great-grandmother was very excited and it was so cute to see Callan sitting on her lap and see him watching/listening to her.

There was a large family gathering on Saturday at Huge's parents house and I'm not sure Callan knew what hit him. He was often surrounded by many people smiling, cooing, laughing and talking to him all at once. He was such a trooper though and made the rounds, from one lap to another, while throwing back enough smiles and laughs to appease the masses.

We also got to see some of Huge's friends and meet the new babies. Olivia Marie is just 5 weeks old, but Callan was already smitten. Olivia, doesn't seem as impressed in this picture, but I think she was just "working" on something more important at the time.

Callan also met Annabelle, who had the cutest, chubbiest cheeks ever. I wanted to gnaw on them all day!

All in all, it was a great weekend. Huge and I got to spend time with family and friends and took advantage of the free (and eager) babysitters and went out a few nights. Callan travelled like a champ and wasn't thrown off his routine too much. It was great to see everyone and got to spend some extra time with Callan -he rewarded us by making a few more advances. He can now sit up unassisted, he is getting super close to crawling and he is sprouting his first tooth. Slowly (well, not so slowly) but surely, he is morphing from this little baby to this little boy. Seeing Olivia and Annabelle really drove home how much these little munchkins change and how quickly it happens!

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