Thursday, September 22, 2011

Month 5 newsletter: A whole hand old!

Dear Callan-
Today you turned 5 months old. That's a whole hand of months. This month was a crazy month with developmental leaps and bounds that can be seen with the naked eye. Other months have been significant, but this one has been one of the most measurable.
This picture doesn't have to do with anything, but it was just too darn cute to leave out.

You roll around. A.LOT. For awhile you were just flipping, content to go from back to belly (and back again), but then this month you discovered that if you do these actions consecutively in the same direction, you can actually go places. And reach things. And somehow you've also figured out how to move at angles, so now when you spy a toy or something you'd like to get your hands on (and then put in your mouth), you can. It's amazing to watch as you are quite adept at this and are always so active. You love being on your belly too because I think you enjoy the view better. Before you were just a turtle on your back and only able to wave your arms around and kick your legs. Now you're more in control and you're realizing that these motions can get you places and you couldn't be happier. The doctor said you were strong and would probably be an early crawler, but I've also read that bigger babies reach some of these physical milestones later as they have more to move, so we'll see what happens. As fun as I think it will be when you start crawling, I'm definitely ok with you being a little more stationary.

You also started to sleep on your stomach or on your side. The good thing is that you can get yourself back and forth so depending on your mood, you'll sleep on your back, your side or your stomach and sometimes you'll even flip yourself around in the crib. We talked about your wonder weeks and how it affected your sleep and I think you're over it, but you're still waking up once a night (although last night you slept straight through -a first in weeks). I'm sure that with every change and developmental milestone it will interrupt your sleep, but I'm hoping you get into a good pattern and keep it (i.e. sleeping through the night because mama has to work in the morning).You love your feet. I'm surprised that you can reach them and put them in your mouth since you have so far to bend (and you need to get it over your belly), but you can and do. It's funny because you do it the most on the changing table, which makes it a little difficult to change you or to dress you.  And sometimes it's like you forget you have feet so when you see them, you're all excited to get them in your mouth and play with them.

(This is a picture Adelia sent me and it makes me laugh because this can't be comfortable, yet you look so happy.)

The other fun trick you like to do on the changing table is to twist around. You reach for things and want to see everything. You haven't tried to roll over, per se, but you are active and squirmy. You need to be moving or chewing/mouthing something. It's pretty fun to watch, but makes for a difficult time sometimes.

The one thing that everyone says about you (other than how laid back and happy you are) is how curious you are. You've always been "serious" when you first meet/see someone and you really make them work for the smile/laugh, but I think your seriousness is really just part of your curiosity. You love watching people talk and touching everything. It's really fascinating to watch you and to try to see the world through your eyes. If there's anything you've taught me, it is to think of how fascinating the world is when you're experiencing it for the first time. I love watching you figure things out and discovering things. It's so exciting and just know that there is a whole world out there to explore and I can't wait to explore it with you.

You and your buddy Luke. Look how good you're sharing!

Your hand eye coordination this month has gotten so much better. You reach for things and can pass objects from one hand to the other. You also are quite adept at putting things in your mouth. We haven't tried giving you solids yet as I'm trying to go the baby led solids approach (skipping the rice cereal and purees and going to real food), but I think you'll be a champion eater. Your dad and I let you lick a peach and although you made a hilarious face, you wanted more. I also let you hold an apple slice, which you immediately put into your mouth and seemed to enjoy. I was too scared to let you have it for too long so you didn't get to chew any of it, but you kind of gnawed on it and got to experience a little of the apple flavor. You're doing well with the bottle during the day with Adelia, but it's still touch and go on the weekends. You definitely have a strong preference for the bewb and I'm happy to oblige (although I would prefer you not want it at 2am!). Adelia sent me the picture of you below holding your bottle and I just wanted to know where my squishy newborn went (she informed me that you were gone)... you look so much older. It doesn't help that you're a giant compared to other babies your age -you're a good few inches longer and many pounds heavier than either Luke or Michael and you're only 11 and 10 days older (respectively). I mean, look at your Flintstone feet! GIANT!

I'm just so amazed by you, bubbers, and every day is a new adventure. I can't believe you're a whole hand (of months) old. It's going by so fast. This month we've gotten to see a lot of your personality. You love to laugh and smile and for some reason find it hysterical getting scared. You love bouncing and flying and will just laugh your fool head off. Your dad can get the best laughs out of you and for some reason he'll wiggle his fingers and flash them in your face and you kind of jump a little, but also laugh... Your laugh is infectious kid and always makes us laugh too. I love it and I love you.

Keep smiling kiddo, the best is yet to come.


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  1. Such a great post, Mama - happy 5 months to Callan. Makes me just a *little* bit sad that our babes are growing up so fast...