Thursday, May 17, 2012

Purple Monkey Playroom v.3.0

Wednesdays are Callan's alone days with Adelia. I was always jealous that Luke and his mommy got a day together, but I'm also glad that Callan gets that day with Adelia. I think Callan misses having a playmate on those days, but it give Adelia an opportunity to take Callan places that would be extra difficult to do with two. They don't do something special every week, but this week she decided to take them to the Purple Monkey Playroom. She had been there before with him (and I took him once on a play date) and it's a perfect space to let him run around, interact with some kids and play with new toys.

Such a big boy walking to the playroom.

Hm, some farm animals -I wonder how many I can shove in my mouth

For some reason I am obsessed with the bumbo again. I can spend 20 minutes climbing in and out of it. I also like putting other objects in the bumbo and then seeing if I can sit on them.

Ah, hard day at play. Time for a snack!

What a perfect day of fun.

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  1. That place looks great! Maybe I can meet them there on a Wednesday (or a Sat/Sun with you guys!). :-)