Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bucket List

I figure my days as a pregnant lady are numbered and I've already gained a ridiculous amount of weight so why not go out with a bang? Not that I'm never going to eat junk food again (because that's not true), but I know that I won't be able to with the reckless abandon that I have been. So with that in mind I have come up with a bucket list of treats I plan on indulging in without guilt until baby G makes his appearance and a recap of those that have gotten me to this (heavy) place I am now:

  1. Scones from Starbucks: I don't know how much sugar (or butter) these things have, but they are delicious. I recently acquired a hard to find (may actually be out of circulation) maple oat scone c/o Huge via Denver... and it was exquisite -just as good as I remembered. It had probably been years since I've had one.

  2. Caramel sundaes from McDonald's: I've actually only had 2 during my pregnancy, partially because I don't go to McDonald's very often, but also because I mistakenly believed they were no longer in circulation. I discovered at the airport on my way to Florida that they did indeed exist and not only quite fantastic but also only a dollar! I forgot how good they were, and I don't think they are *that* bad for you so I'm sure I'll be eating quite a few of these during the summer (if I remember).

  3. Blueberry muffin from Dunkin Donuts: I've been talking about this muffin for weeks (maybe even months) and I finally indulged in one yesterday. I don't know if they're different in Chicago than they are in Boston, but it was kind of disappointing. It was much smaller than I remembered and not quite as buttery. Maybe I'll have to try another Dunkins. :)

  4. Jellybeans/Easter Candy: This is something I've been indulging in without abandon already. I'm trying to keep it down to 1 "serving" (i.e. pig out) a day and for the most part it's worked, but it's been tough going. The unfortunate part is that there is no nutritional value in this splurge -it's all sugar, but it's been fun.

  5. French fries: This hasn't been quite as bad as the sweet stuff since I generally only get them with a meal (not as a snack), but I've definitely been opting for fries instead of salad or veggies as a side throughout this pregnancy.

  6. Chips: This one was terrible for awhile, but gave way once my sweet tooth took over.

  7. Cookies/Dessert: I was actually out of control for awhile -so much so that I needed to give up cookies for Lent in order to break free. This pregnancy has really exacerbated my sweet tooth.

  8. ??

So there you have it, a list of my indulgences that have plagued me throughout this pregnancy and probably will continue to do so for at least a little while longer. The time will come soon enough where I'll have to get back to working out and eating like a normal person, but for now, I plan on having some fun! Just remind me that I consciously decided to do this when I'm moaning about all the extra weight I have to lose once this baby comes!


  1. I passed on a scone today at Sbucks and went for one of those new cake pops. They're so cute. I like the birthday cake one. Having *not* gained a lot of weight at the moment, I'm trying to make healthy choices. Then later when I just don't care, I won't feel so bad. That's my strategy ;-)

  2. I didn't gain a lot of weight at the beginning, but then Christmas/New Year's/holidays rolled around and the weight just piled on... I'm probably going to regret it when I have so much to lose, but I figure it's only a few more days/weeks, so I might as well live it up!