Friday, April 2, 2010

Tsujiki Fish Market

Today started nice and early. At 5 am we got up and got ready so we could head to the famous Tsujiki Fish Market. Let me just say, this was amazing! I've been to lots of markets, but this was like no other. The hustle and bustle of this place at 6am was something to witness. And we got a glimpse into the famed tuna auction. It's what I imagine the floor of the stock exchange to be like. Someone stands on a box over the tuna being auctioned and then in a flurry of Japanese and waving papers, the tuna is sold.

Also, they are not joking when they say how busy it is... I realize this is a working market, but the amount of motorized and manual carts zipping around the place is incredible. You completely feel in the way, but it's definitely not something to miss. After we had to go have sushi for breakfast and at some whole in the wall we were able to get our fill. Yum!

Huge will post pictures later, but I'm incredible glad we got to experience the market, and we're thinking maybe we'll head back another time on the second leg of our trip!

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