Thursday, May 27, 2010

Corporate Challenge run 2010

So I haven’t run in about 2 months… with vacation, work and a personal issue preventing me from running, I have been a lazy, lazy person. I have been walking to and from work most days (about 2 miles each way), but that isn’t too strenuous. Tonight is the annual JPMorgan Corporate Challenge. I’ve run this for the past 7 years and although I am not super fast, I can usually do it about 33ish minutes (not bad –it’s 3.5 miles). This year since I haven’t run in 2 months, I’m hoping to do it in under 40… think that’s feasible? I also have super sore hamstrings b/c I decided to go back to yoga on Tuesday night and I think I may have “overstretched” them… so will that be a good enough excuse for why I can’t run too fast?

Tonight may be my triumphant return to running (or sideline me for another few weeks! haha, I know, I'm dramatic). I’ll update you tomorrow with the result of the "Challenge".

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