Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dear Callan: A baker's dozen (& then some)

Dear Callan-

I know you probably thought I would stop these shenanigans once you turned one, but I'm thinking I might try to keep it up for awhile longer... maybe until your next birthday. However, if the upcoming months are anything like the last, then I might not make it. I didn't even realize your 13 month birthday had passed until quite a few days later. It's been a crazy month -as you can probably tell by how late this letter is. I started it shortly after I realized you turned 13 months (around the 27th or so) and now on the 3rd of June, I will finally finish it. Sigh. Time is flying by at warp speed and every day/week is going by more quickly than the last.

You are turning into this little toddler boy. All semblance of babyhood is for the most part gone and although that saddens me, it also thrills me to see the world unfolding for you and to see you interacting with it. Your toddle turned into walking and that walking has turned into running. You are climbing and being mischievous in your curiosity and quest to figure things out and to do it on your own. For such a laid back kid, you've got a stubborn streak! Your shrieks of indignation let us know when things aren't going the way you want like if we take something away or try to make you so something you don't want to do. If this behavior is any indication of what's to come, I might not make it out of your terrible two's and three's.

You know your body parts and we're working on animal sounds but you still aren't talking a whole lot. Although you have some words down; mama, baby, ball, papa, banana (well sort of), dada -although these are mostly done to mimic or repeat what someone has said to you. You are picking up sign language though and I think it thrills and delights you when you can tell us things through signs. So far we've got water, eat, cracker, bath, all done, more, brush teeth and help. It's cute to see you sign and a few of them are done incorrectly, but consistently, so we know what it means. Again, some are done when you hear a word, so it's awfully confusing when we ask you if you're all done or want more and you do both sign, but we're getting there. We are going to try to put a few more words in your repertoire but I'm hoping you'll be verbally communicating soon. 

What else... I can't even think... I just know that with each passing day, I love seeing you learn and explore. You'll mimic things you've seen and I love watching you play and seeing how interactive you are becoming with the world around you. I know there are going to be tough times, but we'll get through them.

I love you.

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