Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

Huge has often commented after reading my monthly letters to Callan about how I don't write nice things about him. So although I'm not one to wax poetically and be all shmoopy I figure I can take this day to fulfill Huge's wish (happy Fathers day!). Having a child also gives these holidays a different meaning and makes you want to acknowledge and recognize the other.

So to my dad, who may not have always been my favorite person growing up, you were what you were supposed to be -a parent first and now as adults, we can be (and are) friends. Thank you for helping shape me and for instilling a sense of right and wrong and teaching me to do the right thing, even when that is the harder choice. And now as Callan's papa, you get to be involved in another child's life, but in a different, more fun way. We are fortunate to have you and we love you.

And to Huge. You are a wonderful husband (even when I'm mad at you and even if I don't tell you very often), but you are an even more amazing father. Callan and I both lucked out with you. Although you are not here to celebrate Fathers Day officially with us, I'm glad your off doing something fun, even if it is work. You remind us that it's never too late to follow your dreams and you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Your willingness to take risks, your passion, your big heart and your brains are things that I hope Callan inherits from you. I love you and Callan loves you. Hope you have a good day.

So happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there and all the father figures. Hope you enjoy your day and even though moms get all the glory, know that you are appreciated.

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