Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday with the boys

Today Callan and I had got a chance to hang out with Luke while his parents got some stuff done in preparation of their big move. Since Huge was busy, I figured there was safety in numbers and teamed up with Tara and Ellis to take the boys on a little adventure. 
(This is me with my hands full!)

The original plan was to take the boys to Millennium Park for a Wiggleworms (music) class, but first stop was for a little breakfast/snack at Do-Rite Donuts!

Here's Luke enjoying a little snack:

Callan was too busy eating his donut to look at the camera:

And then I was too busy eating my donut to get a picture of Ellis... oops.

Next we went to Millennium Park, but the Wiggleworms class was cancelled. In fact, the entire family tent was closed! However, since we had walked all the way there, we figured we would let the boys out and let them run around the Bean. Oh boy, that was an adventure! It was a good thing there were 2 of us because the boys did not want to stay together! Just when we'd get 2 together the 3rd would take off running in the opposite direction.

I think they had a good time running around and we even got them to sit for a picture together (sort of). This is pretty indicative of how the morning went, but it was a lot of fun and I got a workout out of it.

Ellis is up!

Uh oh, now Callan's up!

Luke's saying, "Callan, sit!"

Got it! (sort of)

They're not looking, but they're all happy!

(and now Luke's had enough)

After Luke got picked up, Callan, Tara, Ellis and I got some lunch at Macy's (another adventure with toddlers) and then had a leisurely walk home. Callan of course was a stinker and fell asleep on the walk home, but then didn't want to nap in his crib... so after all that running around he only got about a 45 minute nap.

Thanks Tara and Ellis for hanging out with us today. We had such a fun time!

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