Friday, August 9, 2013

4 months, 10 days and a variable giant

I posted something very similar when Callan was 4 months old. His 4 month well baby visit was when he was 4 months, 8 days and we thought he was a giant baby. Well, Nora is following in his giant footsteps. This past Wednesday baby girl had her 4 month well baby visit and she's a giant.  A perfectly healthy, perfect little baby girl. She's meeting/exceeding all her milestones and she's growing.

Her official stats:
20 pounds, 8 ounces (!) This is off the charts and more than 2 pounds heavier than what Callan was at this age. She's a few inches shorter than Callan was and only 26.25 inches  putting her in the 95th percentile and her giant 95th percentile head was 17 inches.

The doctor mentioned we could start solids with her at 5 months and to skip the cereal and start right with fruits and veg, but I think we're going to wait and do baby led weaning again (like we did with Callan). The doctor seemed on board with it so we won't rush solid food because obviously baby girl is thriving on her current diet of milk.
But seriously, I can't complain. There's more of her to smush and love and I am so blessed and lucky to have such a healthy, perfect child.  I mean seriously, look at this girl... her smile is infectious (even when strapped to the bathroom wall).

Or when big brother gets involved.

But on a more serious note she wants to know why the hold up on solids? She hears they are pretty tasty...

(This picture totally cracks me up... babies and bumbos. I think Callan fits in it better than she does!)


  1. I thought Callan was adorable? Nora is SCRUMPTIOUS! I LOVE the one of her on the bathroom wall :) So, so adorable.

  2. She is so big! It's hilarious and awesome. :D Go Nora!