Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Third trimester already?

So I logged into my pregnancy app the other day and it welcomed me to my third trimester. Um, excuse me? How'd that happen. Here we are at week 27/28 coming around to the home stretch and I have done zilch to get ready for this baby (other than buy a couple of cute outfits and read Callan a Big Brother book that he got for Christmas).

Anyway, here's the roundup. I've been pretty inconsistent with these -this child is already being neglected! haha.

Weight: I stepped on the scale and oops, I'm up a few (4ish) pounds since my last appt. I'll get an official weigh in at the doctors next week, but according to my scale it'll be about 24/5ish pounds total, which holy moly is a lot.
Maternity clothes: I'm definitely carrying higher this time around b/c I can get away with non-maternity bottoms that are low. Like I'm in non-maternity tights and leggings, weird.
Baby movements: About the same. Although I haven't felt hiccups with her. I remember with Callan he got the hiccups a lot.
Cravings/Aversions: No aversions, but I've been eating a lot off SUGAR. I need to do a serious detox. I'm on a huge gummy worm kick and can plow through an entire back by myself (which I discovered recently is about 600 calories... oops).
What do you miss: Nothing new. Although I do miss shopping. There are all these great after Christmas sales and I have Christmas money to spend, but I can't buy clothes.
Other: My tailbone is starting to hurt when I sit for long periods of time and I haven't been exercising, but if I walk too briskly or for too long I start to get weird cramps/aches. The funny thing is that I complained of my tailbone hurting during my last pregnancy right around this time too.

Here's the pic of the week -definitely got a baby in there!

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