Friday, August 2, 2013

Dear Callan and Nora: month 27 & 4

Dear Callan and Nora-
This month's letter is late (again). At this point I'm going to stop apologizing for it and just embrace the fact that I'm getting one out at all. The time is flying by at warp speed and the month of July was just a blur. Only a few days out and I already can't remember what happened, but I know it was a lot (and fun).

Your dad has been travelling a lot so when he's home, it's always fun for all of us to hang out together. It's also been fun to watch your relationship grow. It's evident (and well-documented) that your preferred parent is me (some people may call you a mama's boy), but you are starting to enjoy your dad's company more. Usually there is one day a week that dad stays home with you and sometimes when I come home from work, you'll run to the door and tell me you had the "best day ever!".

You are talking so much more now and it's fun to be able to communicate with you, although you still sometimes lack the vocabulary or grammar to get your point across, which can lead to some frustration. It's also interesting to see you stumble over words when you're trying to talk and it's as if I can see the wheels in your brain churning out thoughts but your mouth just can't form the words fast enough. One of my favorite things is how you wag your finger when you say no. You'll tell me, "mommy, no touch, wet". Or "mommy, no eat it" in your little grown up voice and your little finger is always wagging while you're saying it. I joke about how bossy you are because you're always telling me what to do, where to go and when to do it.

Speaking of which, you've officially switched over to mommy or mom. I was hoping to be mama for a little bit longer, but alas, it is no more. It's a glimpse into my future when you'll yell from another room "moo-oom" in a long drawn out way and you'll yell it 100 times in a row just to hear me respond. Another funny/quirky thing you do, (which actually drives me bonkers) is how you'll respond "huh" to things when you either don't know or don't understand. I guess it's better than what, but sometimes I have to end the "conversation" because I can't take another "huh" from you.

You've gotten to watch your first (and second and third) movie this month and you LOVED it. You could watch it every day if we let you. You, like a typical kid, love television and the ipad. It's a slippery slope as we have become much more liberal with your screen time. It's not as bad as I'm making it out to sound, but sometimes mommy needs the 26 minutes to put Nora to bed or to take a shower and know that you're not going to inadvertently smother your sister.

It melts my heart to catch you giving Nora an unprompted kiss or to see you be so sweet to her. The other day daddy caught you on the play mat with Nora and you were pulling her little zebra that shakes and rattles and you kept saying "see that Nora" as if showing her how it worked. There are going to be so many things for you to show and teach her and she's lucky to have a big brother as loving and kind as you. 

I love putting you to bed and lying down to read a book. Sometimes you'll put both your hands on my cheeks, give them a squeeze and say "night night mommy. lub you!". Callan, you're so fun and entertaining, but you're also challenging and spirited. No matter what though, we're having a good time together and I'm loving this time with you.

And Nora, what can I say about you. You really are the best little baby. You are so full of laughter and smiles and are so patient and tolerant (great qualities to have). I love how your whole face lights up when you smile and laugh. You love watching your brother and are surprisingly tolerant of him using you as a pillow or place to drive his cars.

You started rolling over this month, which I thought was super early (especially for a baby your size), but I guess you just need to be able to keep up with your crazy big brother. They say second kids become mobile earlier (and talk later), so it'll be interesting to see how you do. Your brother walked early and talked late (isn) and to be honest, I'm not sure I could handle another mobile child.

You have an unfortunate case of cradle cap, which is causing your hair to grow in these weird clumps. It's cute because it makes you look like a hedgehog, but not so cute when the pieces flake off and these giant clumps of hair come with it. I'm assuming it's hair that would have normally fallen out on its own, but is getting stuck in the cradle cap dandruff, but it's still kind of gross and alarming to see. I've been trying to leave it alone and not pick it, but one night it must have been itchy and you woke up with half your head scratched and half your hair clumps gone, leaving just a fine layer of baby hair. Because of that, from afar, the left side of your hair looks bald. I'm assuming once the right side falls out, it'll even out, but poor baby girl, you do not have a good thick head of hair (probably another reason you look so much like your dad).

Next week is your 4 month doctor's appointment and I'm so interested to find out what your official stats are. You are GIANT, but I love it and I wouldn't change it at all.

You are the best little girl and I love you and all your giantness!

Mama (aka mommy)

This family photo sums it up. We're all being silly and goofy and Nora is thinking WTF, who are these weirdoes!

Just kidding, Nora loves our quirks!

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