Tuesday, September 24, 2013

August family vacation

** So I started this post back in August when we got back... now it's almost October. Yikes.**

Back in January/February (? a long time ago, back when we only had 1 kid each) we discussed with our good friends starting some new family traditions and going on a family vacation together. After lots of searching we found the perfect house in Maine. The only problem was that it was an almost 4 hour drive from Boston and flights to Portland were $2-300 more expensive. But, we all decided that we could hack the drive and booked the house and flights. Fast forward a few months and our August family vacation finally arrived.

Off to the airport. Callan thought he was a bigshot with his rolling backpack (and we got a lot of "oh, how adorable!").

Then the flight there was great. Callan had his own seat (and of course, a lollipop for his "ears")

The house was amazing and just as advertised. I don't have any pictures (of course). There was some good family time.
There was a fair amount of napping (although I wish I did more of it personally).

And relaxing.

Of course lots of eating (lobster).
Callan making this New England mama proud eating "steamers" with gusto.

And ice cream!

Lots of ice cream!
The week flew by and before we knew it we were heading back to Chicago.

Good news. They're still friends after a week together.

And hey, look, clouds!

It was a long day of travel, but totally worth it to hang out on vacation with friends and family.

Can't wait to do it again next year!

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