Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 1 (for the blog) update

So even though I've been tracking my weight and trying to lose weight for weeks (ok, months), this is the first week on the blog... so we'll just say this is week 1 :) Also, I should really try to remember to do this on Wednesday’s since that’s my actual weigh in day. Anyway progress this week:

Down 2.2 this week. I was happy to see that, but considering I GAINED 2.8 last week, I’m not all that overjoyed. I’m down to 8 weeks until Japan w/ 11.2 lbs until goal. And to be honest, I wanted to hit goal a week or two early so I could do some maintenance before the vacation…
After the disastrous workout Monday I had a great one on Tuesday night. I did just over a 5 mile run clocking in at about 60 minutes (when I say run, it’s more intervals of walking and running). I was super pumped about that and hope to continue on that path. I also realized that I need to ease up on myself a bit. I used to be a 3 mile at a time kind of runner going 2-4 times a week… and now I’ve increased the mileage for each run, so I need to make sure my body has time to recuperate and catch up to my new motivation.
However, in other news, I have been totally exhausted recently. I could go to bed at 8pm every night if I let myself and the only way I can stay awake is if I go to the gym. If I’m home watching tv, I’m out like a light. I’m hoping that this is just due to the new workout routine, but seriously, it is cramping my style. I know that I need to keep my activity constant if I want to reach my goal BUT I also need to keep my eating in check...

So tomorrow I leave for Florida for a few days. I’m hoping this mini vacation with my parents (sans husband) will give me the time to relax, recharge and refocus. I also hope it doesn’t derail my weight loss plan… I’m hoping for 2 lbs next week!

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