Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Week 3

So you're probably wondering where week 2 went... yah, me too.

Week 1's recap was all full of optimism and hope. Week 2 didn't fair to well. I blame sunny Florida, but I'm not sure it's really their fault. I was however snow delayed and didn't get home to do my usual Wed. weigh in so I just called it a wash.

So week 3...


Up 1.4. Yah... about that.... My goal for Japan is still on, however, my weight has crept up and my time to acheive this goal is waning. I'm still trying, but at this point it's more to see how close I can get to it as I'm realistic and know that I probably (most likely) won't make it.


Another fail. Again, I'm blaming lots of things, but mostly it's b/c I was lazy and unfocused. I went to Florida for a week and packed all of my running stuff, but didn't run AT.ALL. I did do some walking, but that's not really going to cut it... and then since I've been back from Florida, my motivation was next to nil. I got in a whopping 45 minutes (yes, that's dripping in sarcasm).

I had a wake up call or slap in the face moment... Last week I kind of gave up. It was only for a day (or two), but I was just tired. I was tired of feeling bad for not working out, I was tired of watching what I ate or feeling bad about what I had just eaten... I was done. But I realized something. For me losing weight is hard. I know that and I need to acknowledge that. I know that I'm not the type of person who is willing to sacrafice EVERYTHING to lose weight -I still want to be able to drink (while I can), I still want to eat a fried morsel of goodness every now and then, and I want to be able to go out to dinner/hang out w/ my husband and friends without completely FREAKING out about what I'm eating and what I'm doing. HOWEVER, in order for me to do this, I need to compromise... and that compromise is that I need to eat healthy and wholesome foods most of the time. And I need to work out to counteract the "fun" foods I am going to eat. So this seems like a really obvious point, but it's something that I really needed to figure out and really acknoweldge for myself.

So I have a new plan and a new sense of resolve. It involves eating well most of the time and not beating myself up when I eat more "fun" foods then I should. I also am going to work out more. I am going to work out in the mornings and do cardio -just 30-45 minutes, but I'm going to do this 5 mornings a week. At night I can do yoga or classes but I won't force myself to do those 60 minute runs that I was pushing myself to do. My new cardio plan will have me doing less of it at a time, but more often and will leave my nights to yoga or classes and will take the pressure off.

So today was day 1 of the new plan. I woke up early and went to the gym. I did a 3 mile run (sort of... I was fiddling w/ my Nike +, which wasn't working, so there was a lot of walking) in 37 minutes and then did some arm weights and sit ups. Day 1 was a success!

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