Monday, July 12, 2010


So I finally did it... I bit the bullet and bought a bike! Isn't that so exciting? And isn't it cute?
I made my maiden voyage on Saturday to pick up our vegetable share from Green Grocer -so it wasn't too far, but it let me get a little bit of experience since I've never ridden in the city before. And then because we were feeling extra adventurous, Huge and I rod our bikes to dinner! It was so great. I really loved riding and even with the cars and a little bit of traffic, it was manageable. Now the next thing I need to master is the Loop... that seems a little too crazy for me and further distances (since everything I biked to on Saturday was within 3 miles of my house). The only thing I need to do before then is get a little faster... I'm not such a big fan of going super fast (I'm afraid I'll fall), so I'm hoping this goes away as I get more comfortable on the bike. And at some point this summer I want to bike up to Super Dawgs (which is about 10 miles away) and then the sky's the limit!

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