Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Week 24/25

This is week 24/25 -crazy how fast this second trimester is going. I felt like the first dragged on forever, but that might also be because you keep the news a secret for so long.
Weight: Still gaining at a fast pace. I went to the doctor yesterday and was up about 7 pounds (if I remember correctly) from my last appointment. Oops. My doctor commented on how I've "gained some weight", but she didn't seem too concerned. I think if I try to concentrate on not gaining too much between now and my next appointment (Feb 1), I should be back on track(hopefully). Who knows, I'm totally going to gain 50 lbs this pregnancy so I should probably just get used to the idea! I started working out again (sort of). It consists of me doing 30 minutes on the elliptical a few times a week, so I'm definitely not burning off all those extra desserts, but it'll help a little bit and it'll help get my heart/blood pumping. It has also come to my attention this week that my legs are determined to become as sausage like as possible. They are getting bigger and thicker by the minute.
Maternity clothes: No change here. Still wearing maternity pants, but I'm noticing that my thighs are going to outgrow my pants before my belly does (see weight above). This is not a good realization and I'm hoping that the elliptical work outs will help stop this from happening! I'm still getting away with longer/bigger regular tops, but am keeping a few maternity tops in rotation.
Stretch marks: Still nothing, although with the amount of weight I'm gaining you would expect them to start popping up. I have noticed what I think is the beginning of cellulite (on my legs of course)... sigh.
Baby Movements: I talked to my doctor about the baby's movements and she said it made sense that I would only feel him pretty low. The uterus at this point is only slightly above the bellybutton, so most of the movement will be low. I also mostly only feel him on the sides and she said this also makes sense because my placenta is in front muffling the movements. So good news, the extra layer of belly fat I have is not the reason I can't feel baby G in the front (although, let's be honest, it's probably not helping!).
Cravings/Aversions: Still pretty much eating anything and everything... turned into a real human garbage disposal! (again see weight above).
What do you miss: I wish the heartburn would give it up. I get it, pregnant women get heartburn, but I wish I got it from predictable things. I, on the other hand, can get it from anything... white bread, oatmeal, the stupid glucose drink at the doctor's, even sometimes water. Yah, so I miss not having heartburn.
Other: I had my regular doctor's appointment yesterday along with my glucose test. I'm hoping I passed, but to be honest I wouldn't be that surprised if I didn't. I'll find out in a day or two if I have to go back and do the 3 hour test. Also, I find my heart beating faster these days, but according to the doctor my heart rate and blood pressure are good so there's nothing to worry about -must just be all the extra blood pumping for the baby. Other than that, everything is going well. I'm going back to Boston this weekend for a baby shower -the trip was originally so I could attend my best friend's baby shower, but my mom figured since I was home she would throw one for me too. I guess this will probably start to make it feel real -kind of like when you get engaged... the wedding and marriage thing doesn't really seem that real until the wedding shower (or at least that's how I felt. It was the official beginning.). And I'm realizing now that it's 2011, this is the year we get to meet our baby! Crazy. The next few months are probably going to fly by.

The gratuitous belly shots :the belly has grown -I sometimes feel that the pictures I post don't do it justice and in real life it's much bigger. And I think with real clothes on it looks bigger.

So what do you think? Bigger with clothes on? These were taken the same morning.

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