Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Month 2

Dear Callan-
Today you turn two months old, and what fun we've had. Even though you're only two months, you seem so much older. Not only because it feels like you've been in our lives forever, but also because you're a giant! You are already starting to outgrow your 3 month clothes and although the 6 month clothes are too big, you're long enough to fit in them. You are much bigger and taller than friends your same age and are instead the same size as babies twice your age! I'm looking forward to your next doctor's appointment so we can get your official measurements.

This past month has been busy and full of firsts. We took you on your first plane ride to Boston to visit your nana and papa as well as to visit mama's friends and family. You did fantastic on the plane and pretty much slept through it all. Your visit in Boston was fun and nana and papa really enjoyed spending time with you and were especially overjoyed with the impromptu extension. You are such a content baby and make mama and daddy look good with your good behavior. You love to listen to people talking and really study their faces. You look quite intense at times, but you throw out just enough smiles to charm people and have them coming back to try to get you to smile more. I have heard your laugh a few times and I can't wait to really hear it develop.

You love reading books and your current favorites are Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You?; Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb and Hippos go Berserk. Every time we lie down to read a story together, you start smiling, cooing and talking. Sometimes I think you're trying to read me the story!

You have been sleeping in your crib at night and usually give mama and daddy a few good uninterrupted hours of sleep. I wish you'd go a little bit longer, but 4-5 hour stretches are pretty good for a baby your age. The funniest thing is that you're such a morning person. When you first wake up, you are so happy to see everyone and full of smiles and start the day talking. You're also a very loud waker-upper. You love to stretch and you make tons of noises when you wake up. It's pretty funny to watch as you make some hysterical faces too and I think you're literally stretching your bones out -it definitely sounds like a lot of effort! You still love taking naps and your preferred place is on some one's chest or in some one's arms (we haven't mastered the crib nap), but as much as you love to snuggle, sometimes you need your own space and you're sure to let the person know. Even then, you fuss, but you're not really crying. I'm so glad you're not a hysterical crier and are a content baby, but when you do cry I'm sure to pay attention.

You are such a good snuggler, but you love to be on your back and kick your legs and move your arms -people are amazed at how active you are. You love your activity mat and can spend lots of time under there staring at the animals and talking to them. I'd love to know what you're trying to tell them. Your full of smiles and stories when you're on your back, but when you're sitting up, you are more serious and spend the time studying people. You have good head control and although you don't love tummy time, you do enjoy peeking over a shoulder and moving your head around to see what's happening around you.

This month, we also went back to nursing. We had a really difficult time at the beginning and mama and daddy were giving you bottles. Somehow though we worked through our issues and we have been nursing exclusively for the last (almost) month. Although it doesn't let your daddy feed you, I love the time we get to spend together. I'm hoping we get a little bit better and a more efficient latch so that we can get out more and that I'll be more confident nursing you in public. I know that we're going to have to reintroduce the bottle to you since I will be going back to work, and I'm a little sad about that (for me), but I think it'll be good for you and your dad and also give me a bit more flexibility to go out without you -the only problem is that for now, I don't want to go out without you! Your dad has been away a lot this past month and I'm not sure how he handles being away from you, but you always are there to welcome him back with a smile, and I'm sure that makes it easier for him.

To be honest, this month has been amazing. I'm a little sad that you don't look like a newborn anymore (and honestly, you didn't for very long), but I love seeing your development and seeing the person you're becoming. Little pieces of your personality are starting to show and I'm loving every minute of it.

Happy birthday.


  1. Oh, the little baby! So precious! You almost got my waterworks going, but I did good. What a treasure to read. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. I love the post. Really sweet.

  3. Love your blog, Rachel....I started letters to Luke on my blog too, but the first and last one I did (so far) was just before he was born! I need to make time to do this again...Callan will love to read these someday!