Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh hey there

Sorry things have been quite around these parts, but it has not been from lack of activity and excitement. The days seem to whizz by and the last few weeks have been a blur.

After our Hawaiian vacation we were home for the rest of February and then last weekend we went up to Montreal to celebrate Huge's grandmother's 90th birthday. It was a surprise to her that we were coming and fun for Callan to see Huge's large extended family. He was a trooper the entire weekend starting with our very delayed flight --we ended up not landing in Montreal until 2 am! Definitely threw off his schedule a bit, but he recovered pretty well (probably better than Huge did). We got to see some friends and hang out with Huge's family, so the trip to Montreal was a success, although quite fast. Callan is turning into the frequent flier and thankfully is (still) a really great traveller -I just wonder how long that is going to last.

What else... Callan is a walking, clapping, waving, laughing machine. He still prefers crawling sometimes over walking because it'll get him there faster, but his walking is getting better. The funniest thing is that when he walks he holds his hands over his head and it's especially funny when he's holding something in his hands. I feel like it would be easier for him to balance if he put his arms down, but he won't. It looks like he's so proud of himself for walking and he's celebrating every step. Speaking of being proud of himself, he will clap for himself when he does something and will look at you expecting you to join in on the clapping. What a crazy kid.

Anyway, Huge is away this weekend so it's just me and Callan. Here are a few pictures I snapped from last night.

I tried to capture him walking with his arms up, but he's too  fast trying to get the camera

Oral health is part of overall health -this kid loves to brush his teeth.

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