Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dear Callan -the back to work edition.

Dear Callan-
You are now three months old! Yowsers, our time together has flown by. This last month has been particularly amazing because of all the developments you have made. You are now full of smiles and like to talk and laugh often. We just discovered that you love to bounce in your bouncy seat or on a lap and after a few bounces you crack a smile and then inevitably start laughing. You’re still figuring out noises and sometimes when you laugh or make a loud noise you startle yourself a bit and that is one of the cutest and funniest things to watch. Hearing you laugh always puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh too. You are still a bit camera shy and no matter how happy and smiley you are, if you catch a glimpse of the camera or the iphone, you stop. I think you’re just trying to figure out what it is. It’s funny because when you were in mama’s belly, the same thing would happen. I wanted to document your kicks and rolls in my belly and no matter how active you were, once I pulled out the camera you would stop. People comment on how serious you are, but once you’ve finished staring and assessing the situation, you’re prone to break out a smile, which melts everyone’s hearts.

This past month you’ve started sleeping through the night, which is glorious and amazing for a baby your age. You love to sleep with your arms up and we put you in a sleep sack to keep your legs warm. It’s funny to watch you get comfortable to fall asleep because your arms will go out to the side or over your head and you’ll kick your legs until you’ve gotten in the perfect position. You go to bed by 8:30 every night and sleep until 5 or 6 am. Sometimes, you hit 7 am and that’s amazing (like today). Getting you up in the morning is one of the most fun parts of the day. You are always full of smiles and in a great mood, no matter how hungry you are. We unzip you from your sleep sack and you give a great big smile and then stretch out your entire body. I could melt from your cuteness.

You haven’t quite rolled over and I can’t even say that you want to, but every now and then you’ll almost do it. Sometimes when you’re on your back, you’ll crane your neck and turn your head to one side, which twists your upper body. Your upper leg and hip rotate, but not all the way. The same thing happens when you’re on your stomach, so your upper body is ready, but your legs aren’t quite there. Although your legs are definitely strong as you love to kick and move your arms all the time. You are in constant motion when you’re playing and it makes me a little nervous to think of what is in store for us once you are mobile. You have started to reach for things and started to put things in your mouth to explore and you enjoy standing on people’s laps. You still love your activity mat and you are getting better and better with tummy time.

The passing of three months also means that mama’s maternity leave is over and will be returning to work. This has caused me a little bit of anxiety, as I have loved every minute of being home with you. Also, this was the month that you decided to refuse a bottle and hearing you cry breaks my heart.  Your dad and I figured since you had drunk exclusively from a bottle for 4 weeks, you would be an old pro and take a bottle. Unfortunately, we found out the hard way when we left you with Uncle Craig one night, that you had become mortal enemies with the bottle. We tried 10 different bottles and nipples and for 3 weeks worried about what you would do while I was at work. I think we finally found a bottle that you will tolerate and hopefully this means you won’t cry the entire time I’m at work. We also found you a great nanny, Adelia, and hope you and Luke enjoy spending time with her. She may not be a replacement for mama, but I think she’ll take good care of you while I’m working.

Three months seemed like a long time to have off from work, but I could use three more (and three more after that). Watching you grow has been amazing and seeing snippets of your personality come out has been so exciting. I’m sad to think of all the things I’m going to miss while I’m at work, but am excited to see you grow and develop.

Happy three months Callan, you’re a quarter of a year old!

Quarter of a year old -Yea!

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