Friday, July 1, 2011

Little Giant

Today is Callan's 10 week birthday -wow, that has gone by fast. Now that we're in double digits, that means that the time for me to go back to work is quickly approaching. Ugh. If I just ignore it, do you think it'll go away? I wish it worked that way.

Things here with Callan have been great. He is still a real happy, content baby and has recently (i.e the last 2 nights) slept through the night. I know I'm jinxing myself by saying it, but hopefully this trend continues. He is full of smiles and loves talking to you, but we have yet to get consistent laughs out of him. A few nights ago when his Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Junior were visiting, we got him to give us lots of smiles and giggles (probably 5 minutes worth), but since then they've been sporadic. Hopefully in the next few days/weeks we'll work on laughing.

Yesterday was his 2 month doctor's appointment and it was confirmed that Callan is a little giant. He is 15 lbs 14 ounces (wowsers) and 26 inches long. At his 1 month appointment he was 10 lbs 14 ounces and 24 inches, so he is still growing like a weed. Yesterday he also had his shots, which he took like a champ. Cried a bit after the second shot, but calmed down pretty quickly and slept on the walk home. That evening he was a little extra fussy, but he still slept like a champ (although we did give him some baby tylenol so that might have helped). Today he's a little extra sleepy, but other than that he hasn't had any adverse effects from the immunizations.

So that's it. Callan is doing well and he is my little giant.

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