Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day with Adelia

Friday Callan had his alone day with Adelia and they decided to go check out a play space since the weather was so crummy. Callan loves running around with older kids and he loves playing with new toys, so this was the perfect outing for a rainy Friday.

Um, does this thing go any faster?

Adelia said Callan was a big fan of these girls (and the shoe rack that you can see behind them.) Luckily they seemed charmed by him and allowed him to play with them.

Callan loves bouncing and rocking -I guess he kept trying to get on and off this himself. He clearly thinks he's older and more skilled than he is!

This week Luke is in Florida (lucky boy) so Callan will get a whole week with Adelia. I wonder what kind of adventures he'll have.

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