Friday, July 27, 2012

Dear Callan: yes, I'm still doing these

Dear Callan-
Yes, I'm still doing these, why do you ask? Oh because it's days after your month-aversary? Ya... sorry, I've been busy. I can't believe I've kept it up this long either, but I love taking a little time out to say how great you are. This month you turned 15 months. There's nothing particularly exciting about this month, but you've had a great one anyways.

Look at you sitting like a big kid in the park reading a book.
You are turning into this wild and crazy toddler, but you have this great gentle, sensitive side. You love babies (even though your dad is a little against it, I might have to break down and buy you a baby doll). You're really into real live babies and other kids in general. You squat down and like to take a good look at their faces. It's adorable, but some kids do get a little freaked out about you being in their space.

I talked last month about how you love helping. Your love of lifting and moving large/heavy objects continues, but you've also started making these really cute grunting noises when you're doing it. I'm not sure where you picked it up, but it's absolutely adorable. It's funny though, b/c sometimes you'll do it even when what you're holding/carrying isn't particularly heavy.

As part of your "helping" you love the broom and vacuum. Every day you go into our room where the vacuums are plugged in and you point and ask for them. The Roomba still makes you a little leery, but you love the handheld, although I think your favorite part is emptying it and then trying to put the pieces back together.

You also love helping to push the stroller. Adelia tells us how when you and Luke go on field trips, she alternates who gets to walk and who rides in the stroller. She says Luke always tries to run away, but you love to help push him along.

You still love the swings and the water. The park (finally) re-opened and you are in heaven. It has your two favorite activities and they illicit the biggest smiles/giggles from you.

It's been a million degrees out for days in a row so it's nice that you love the water and can go cool off there. There are a lot of older kids that go to the park and you L-O-V-E watching them and imitating them...

Standing directly under the spray was a "trick" you learned from a big kid.

You've really picked up the chatter this month and you've got a couple of more words in your repertoire and you've (finally) started saying dada and meaning it (rather than part of your string of babble). I feel like you're close on your talking, but who knows... it could be many more months.

Bubs, you are the best. I'm reminded all the time about how lucky I am and how blessed we are as a family. Although you can be this wild and crazy toddler, you are turning into this kind and gentle little boy. You take my hand to lead me around, or try to push my legs when I'm not moving in the direction you want or come running to give me a big hug... it's been an amazing time together.


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