Thursday, July 12, 2012

Linen and silk*

Wow, how time flies... in 4 years, we've gone from this:

to this:

Aren't you glad you didn't take your friends' advice?

Happy anniversary sweetie pie. Baby pies and I are over joyed to be celebrating another milestone together. Aren't you glad that we've made it this far (haha -I joke). Here's to another great year (and more) ahead... let's see what kind of fun we can have.

Rach (and C)

*According to wikipedia (yes, I realize this isn't a valid academic source, but for my purposes it'll do just fine *thankyouverymuch*), the traditional wedding anniversary gift for 4 years is linen or silk. I think this means I should go buy some new clothes! I've been eyeing a dress or two... Good thing the Nordstrom anniversary sale is around the corner -which p.s. when I told Huge about the anniversary sale, he said "they're having a sale for us?". Ya, for someone so smart, sometimes he's not so bright.
**p.p.s. I've stolen most of these photos from facebook... thanks Huge!

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