Friday, October 5, 2012

Dear Callan:Month 17

Dear Callan-
Wow, is your mama behind! At this point these newsletters can barely be veiled as birthday letters because I have not hit your actual birthday yet! Maybe this month...yes... I'll set that as my goal.
You look sad here -is it because your newsletter is late?

Anyway, month 17 has come and gone and things around here are a-changing. Your dad stays home with you on Mondays now and that has been so much fun for both of you. I think you like him more now -which isn't to say you didn't before, but he definitely wasn't your favorite. Also, we've gotten into a new routine where your dad will come in and get you up in the morning. It's so fun to watch the two of you interact on the video monitor and it sometimes distracts mama from getting ready for work!

I don't know exactly when this started happening, but you make this scrunch face (usually when you're about to do something naughty) and when you're asked to smile for the camera. It's funny because I think every kid goes through it, but it's still adorable.

This past month you've also gotten much more affectionate. You're pretty good with giving out the hugs and you're kissing now with a pucker (before it was an open mouth one and it was like getting kissed by a basset hound). Now you go around kissing things, like your stuffed animals, pictures in your books, magazine pictures and of course, yourself.

You also have such a great sense of humor and sense of fun. You can turn ordinary things into a game/adventure and it's so fun to watch you discover things around you. You love being chased (although sometimes you get confused as to who's doing the chasing and you'll stop and wait for the person to catch you and then you'll run after them!) and of course peek-a-boo. You love doors and knocking and you definitely aren't afraid of the dark as you'll often times close yourself into the bathroom, waiting for someone to knock on the other side.

Every month I say how you're turning into such a little boy, but you really are! You're learning words every day and exerting your independence as often as you can. You try to keep up with the big kids at the park and you're desperate to communicate. I love how you'll take my hand (or your dad's) to lead us to whatever you want and to show us things (although sometimes all mama wants to do is lie on the couch and watch you play!). We've also started to let you watch tv. We let you watch one show and you lose your mind at Sesame Street and Thomas the train. You're such a boy and love pointing out the trucks and trains and every time we see one you have to catch our attention and point to it. It's funny too because once they go away you always ask for more, but sadly mama can't control the train/truck schedule for you.

Happy 17 months munchkin. You're almost a year and a half old! Where has the time gone?


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