Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Yoda says, have a safe and happy Halloween!

Now give me some candy -preferably a lollipop.
(p.s. do you see young Luke Skywalker in the background?)

This past weekend our condo building had their annual trick or treating -which is great for kids Callan's age -no need to climb stairs and bundle up in the cold, just hop in the elevator to get treats. Here's a picture of the kiddos before the madness (i.e. candy eating) started. Callan is the youngest in the group, but I think he fared pretty well. He didn't quite get the trick-or-treating part (he'd take candy and then put it back), which was fine with me since that meant less treats lying around the house for me to eat.

A little blast from the past, here's munchkin's first Halloween...

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