Thursday, January 19, 2012

What hams

Whenever I'm having a really crummy day at work, Adelia must sense it and will send me a picture that puts a huge smile on my face.

Callan (and Luke) are getting to the age where they can finally start interacting and Adelia sent us the funniest pictures of them the last few days and I can only imagine how much fun these boys are going to have as they get older.

Even though I sometimes fantasize about having enough money to hire a nanny full-time on our own I realize how great and beneficial that interaction with another baby is for Callan.

Yesterday they were playing peek-a-boo around the activity table and I can hear and imagine the squeals of laughter coming from Callan. 

She sent another picture of them playing at the table again.

Callan got this dolphin pillow pet from Adelia for Christmas and he's taken to snuggling with it... He's adorable when he does it and I love it -what a ham. I love these boys!

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