Monday, October 19, 2009

Why I shouldn't be allowed on ebay...

I love the concept of ebay… the coupon cutting, bargain hunting part of me loves it. But I don’t really have good experiences. Granted I’ve only used ebay a handful of times, but it seems like most of my experiences end badly. This past weekend is the latest in my follies. I decided that there are a pair of Enzo Angiolini mary janes that I MUST HAVE. But I’m a little late to the game, and these are not a current style. So I had a brilliant news flash –let’s look at ebay! Well, no one is selling a pair of these fabulous shoes, but while I’m there I figured I might as well check out what other shoes people are selling. I scrolled through pages of shoes and there were 2 pairs of shoes that I like priced reasonably that I thought I should place a bid on. Well fast forward to today… I go on to check to see if someone is selling those mary janes… and low and behold, I won the bid for one of my shoes… and am currently winning the bid on the other. The shoes are reasonably priced (in total if I win, it’ll be under $100), but this isn’t really $100 I have to spend on shoes, nor are these shoes that I really need. I mean one of them is a style of shoe I already own in 5 colors… yes, seriously, FIVE.

But I still don’t have these:

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