Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 2 running log

So after some conversations with friends, the idea of “training” for a 10k seems a little frivolous. I can probably already do it if I put my mind to it since I already can run almost 5 miles without stopping, so adding another mile or so probably isn’t a stretch. In light of this new realization, I’ve decided to change my 10k training to just a running training program. I’m rethinking my decision about running a half marathon, but until I make up my mind completely, I’m going to use the 10k app just to motivate and track my running. For me the problem is actually the time commitment… so having an app make me be accountable will probably help.

That being said, I did day 2 of week 2 today. It was a 46 min run (including warm up and cool down) and I covered 4.41 miles. The first day I did 4.54 miles, but that was also a bit longer of a run (51 minute), so I think I did pretty well. Oh and also for training, I’m only going to run 3 times a week like they suggest. On my “off” days I’m going to cross train and try to incorporate more weights into my workout.

So my schedule for this week:
Monday: run (4.41 miles -46 minutes)
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: run (? Miles -46 minutes)
Thursday or Friday will be my 3rd run day, the other day will be my rest day: (? Miles -57 minutes)
Saturday: Weight class at the gym
Sunday: rest day.

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog...
    If you've made it to 5 miles you can keep going!
    I ran a 3k last spring, my first 5k last July, then last fall I just tried to continue running on a regular basis. This winter I signed up for my first half marathon (April 2010) and I was a little nervous about my decision, but I stuck with my training plan and finished my half marathon in 2:21:10! I just signed up for a second half this fall.

    I think 3x/week is plenty - that's what I did for my half marathon training. It was enough to build my mileage, and luckily I didn't encounter any injuries along the way. It usually included an easy run, some kind of interval run, and a longer run at an easy pace. My cross training involved one night of spinning/week. I used SmartCoach on - it's free. Good luck to you with your running!