Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Callan...

Dear Callan-
I hope to write you a monthly letter (for at least for the first year) and this is the first. Today (well, Sunday) you turned one month old. I can't even believe it, the time has gone by so quickly and I'm sure it's going to just continue that way. Before I know it I'll be packing you up to go off to college -EEK!

Before I get ahead of myself, I need to remember how little and precious you are now. Even in the last few weeks you're already starting to look older and less like a newborn and more like an infant -I guess it helps that you're putting on weight and have already grown longer -the cute newborn clothes we had for you no longer fit and some of the 0-3 month onesies are a struggle to snap as you seem to be growing longer every day and things that fit yesterday don't today. I wonder how tall you're going to be. Neither your dad nor I are short, although we are not extraordinarily tall either. That's the crazy thing, I look at you constantly and wonder about your future... Things like how tall you're going to be, or what you're going to look like when you're older, what interests/hobbies you're going to pick up, even who your best friend will be in school. The crazy thing about having you is knowing the endless possibilities that are available for you and wondering what your future holds. It's like a chose your own adventure book, but the options haven't been written yet. And I hope you remember that... that all things are possible (well, maybe not a Ferrari for your 18th birthday), and that your hopes and dreams are my hopes and dreams for you. I wonder about the type of person you will become and I hope that your dad and I are able to mold you and direct you to become that person. I hope that we are the parents that you deserve and that you always remember how much we love you.

This month has been a whirlwind, with a constant stream of visitors -first your nana and papa from Boston and then your grandma and grandpa from Montreal and all your friends here in Chicago. You are definitely well loved and people are excited to meet you. I know I was. I was so anxious and excited to meet you and when you finally arrived on April 22nd, I wasn't nervous at all because I knew you were my baby and that I was your mom and that we were going to be a good fit. You are my first born, my first son, my first child and I knew that you would change my life forever and I was so, so excited and very ready. You are my baby pies and always will be -even when you're 13 and don't want to be seen in public with me, or when you're 18 and off in college... or even when you're 30 and off and married, you will always be my baby pies because you are what made me a mom and turned your dad and I from a couple into a family.

Happy one month birthday baby pies. I love you and can't wait to see what's in store for us in the months ahead.


This was the first picture taken of you (by dad):

And our first family picture. Look how much you've changed in a month!

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  1. He's a teeny baby man boy now. So cute!!! What a beautiful letter. I hope you print them into a book, too.