Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 1

Wow, a week has already passed and of course I'm late with the update. It has been an eventful week and Callan has had lots of visitors.

In the hospital on Saturday, Callan's first visitors were the Perman's. Unfortunately due to hospital regulations non sibling children under 12 can not visit, so Ellis wasn't able to meet his new friend. Later that afternoon, Akiko and Jeff came to visit bringing Callan a beautiful hand knit blanket made by Akiko. We were really excited that Callan arrived on time so Akiko could meet him before she left for Hong Kong for 6 months! So much is going to change in that time and we are really going to miss her.

Speaking of meeting before leaving, Huge's coworker, Allison was moving to DC in a few days after Callan's birth, but thankfully she also was able to come meet the little guy. Other visitors on Saturday afternoon included Lamis, Sarah and Miranda. Callan had quite the entourage of lady visitors! Things settled down for a bit before Lauren and Ted came for a visit. All and all it was a busy Saturday!

Wednesday was Callan's first pediatric appointment. We really like his pediatrician and although we were a little late arriving, we all survived the trip. Callan did really well in the car and only fussed a bit at the doctor's. He isn't above birth weight and is a bit more jaundiced than when he left the hospital so we will go back on Tuesday for a weight check and to see how the jaundice is doing.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. Nana and Papa were visiting from Boston, so Callan got to spend a lot of quality time with them. Nana loves holding him and can talk and read to him for hours.

Otherwise, things are going well. We are trying to get into a routine and rhythm with Callan and only a few tears have been shed this week (by me). We have had some feeding issues and hearing a baby scream bloody murder really pulls on your heartstrings and makes you feel like you are failing them as a parent. Of course, it's much more built up in your head and the baby doesn't know any better, but it doesn't make those moments any easier. We are really trying to exclusively breast feed, but have supplemented twice in order to satiate and soothe Callan. We are holding off on introducing a bottle until we get the latch/feeding issues down, but in the wee hours of the morning or after a particularly difficult feeding, the bottle is looking more and more appealing. I know that this will pass and we are both just getting the hang of it, but it is very demanding and emotionally exhausting. Hopefully as time goes on we get better and better and this problem will just be a distant memory.

It's been a busy first week for Callan and I'm sure the fun is just getting started.

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