Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fuss bucket

Over the past few days we've noticed a change in Callan that I'm hoping is just a passing phase. He has started to become a little bit needier and wants more attention. Where he previously was able to entertain himself and play for a bit by himself, he now will start to cry when he notices he's alone. However, once you go over there to see what is wrong, the waterworks shut off and he's all full of smiles and sometimes even laughs at you. I can't figure out if he's learning to manipulate us with the crying or if he's just so used to having someone around that now when he's figured out he's by himself, he's lonely.

In addition to this new trait, he's also stopped sleeping through the night. Well technically since sleeping through the night is defined as 6+ hours of uninterrupted sleep, he's technically still doing it, but he used to go down at 8:30pm and sleep until 7am. However, over the past month he's started waking up to eat around 2. I assumed that this was just another phase and perhaps a byproduct of not eating as much from a bottle during the day, but he's gotten much more proficient at the bottle and he's still waking up to eat. Last night he got up twice and was unwilling to go back to sleep right away. I wonder if his teeth are hurting as he's started pulling on his left ear a bunch and the level of drool has increased as has the gnawing on anything he can get in his mouth. I'm happy to snuggle, but I have gotten used to a full uninterrupted night of sleep. When do you think I'll get that back? Am I even allowed to complain about this?

It's a good thing these "fussy" periods are short lived and the rest of the time he's his normal happy self because those times are much more fun.

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