Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What a weekend

This past weekend we took another family trip out east to see my family. It was a busy, busy weekend but it was great to see some family and friends, especially since we won't be making it back for the holidays. The weekend started off a little rough when I realized that I forgot two important things -my medication and my pump parts! Gah. It was frustrating and I may have taken it out on Huge, but isn't that what he's there for?

We arrived in Boston on Saturday and spent the afternoon hanging out at nana and papa's.

My brother and sister-in-law come over and then the 6 1/2 of us went out to dinner. Callan was great and enjoyed dinner out. Sunday was a busy day that started with brunch with my friends Julie and Lauren. We hadn't seen each other in awhile so it was great to catch up.

That afternoon we went to the mall so I could pick up the forgotten things and to meet up with my friend Teresa. Huge went to photograph an event that night (the reason that prompted this trip) and Callan and I hung out at nana and papa's. Monday was busy. Callan had a play date with Mabel (and her parents Lisa and Nate). It was so fun to see them and to watch Callan and Mabel interact. Last time they met, Callan was only about 6 weeks old and they were both very stationary. This time we couldn't get those two to sit still. Also, Callan is almost 3 months younger than Mabel but is the same size as her! 

After the play date we went into town and met the girls (Warner, Barrett/Carr and Jenn) for lunch. That night Huge and I went out to dinner sans Callan with our friends Grover and Juli to Harvest in Cambridge. That meal deserves it's own post, but needless to say, it was an amazing dinner and we were given the royal treatment (one of the hidden perks of Huge's job).

Somehow through all the coming and going, Callan decided to learn another new skill. He's been doing his peg-legged crawling (using one knee and one foot) since the beginning of the month, but he's decided that's not good enough. While at my parents, Callan decided that he needs to pull himself up on things and he wants to walk! The funniest thing was this box at my parents house that was a big hit with Callan. He could climb on it, bang on it and use it to push around the living room like a walker. I am NOT ready for this! Would it be ok if I just keep him strapped down or tie his legs together?

The poor kid did not sleep well the entire time we were in Boston. He's usually a champion sleeper, but we were unable to get a good night's sleep with him (and even his naps were a bit rough). I don't know if it's teething (he's getting a second), or new skills (crawling/pulling up/walking) or what, but he did not sleep well and that meant neither did mama!

Today he was back with Luke and Adelia and one happy camper to get back to his own routine.

However, he hasn't quite recovered from the weekend and the time changes. He went to bed without dinner tonight although we'll have to see how long he stays asleep. Wowsers, what a weekend. I'm exhausted just typing it all out!

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  1. You already know this, but I feel for you! We've yet to have a stellar travel experience with Luke. But, I will keep my fingers crossed for a good night for you tonight. Ironically, Luke almost went to bed without dinner tonight, too...fell asleep as usual on the way home but I finally had to wake him at 6:45. He was grumpy, didn't really want to eat so he was in bed at 7:15. Maybe they wore each other out today!