Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick update

This little munchkin had his 9 month appointment today. He's fit as a fiddle and developing right on track. He is still a bit iron deficient, but so is his mama so I'm not too concerned. We will continue with the vitamins and giving him more iron rich foods.

He grew (again) - His head was 18 inches (in line with previous measurements and keeping him around the 60th percentile) and he grew another TWO inches! That makes him 31 inches long (still off the charts) and he's just a little bit heavier. He was 21 pounds even at his 6 month appointment and now he's 22 lbs, 10 ounces (that dropped  him down to the 80th percentile). It looks like I won't be getting that Michelin baby I wanted. He's leaning out and as he gets more active and mobile it looks like he'll continue to do so. The doctor even commented on how he will start looking more toddler-esque and I already am starting to see it.

Adelia took him to the aquarium last week and sent these pictures. Definitely more toddler than baby! Eek.

I think there's a joke somewhere about being on a boat...

Getting ready to row
Loving all the fish
And I swear, these pictures were taken last week and I think he looks bigger already. One day he woke up from a monster nap and he just seemed bigger -especially his feet! He's got his daddy's big feet.

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