Tuesday, January 24, 2012

9 months in, 9 months out

Dear C-

Today you turned 9 months old... holy moly, how did that happen?  9 months sounds like a totally legit age and way closer to 1 than I am comfortable with right now. I remember being pregnant with you like it was yesterday... and in reality, it was a whole lifetime ago. I catch myself saying I just had a baby, but that's really not true anymore (although to be cheesy, you'll always be my baby. haha)

You've had an amazing month and we've had amazing times together. You are really turning into this little boy with lots of personality. You've got teeth (currently 5, with 2 poking the surface and I'm hoping that's what is causing your current sleep issues, because, man, mama's tired since you won't let your dad get you at night!), you can cruise the furniture, stand up, crawl, babble, clap and wave -all reminders that you are cruising towards toddlerhood at lightening fast speed. Even your radish top is gone! The hair on the top of your head used to grow straight up and your dad said it looked like a radish top, now it's so long that it's fallen down and growing like normal hair. You are so fun and it is so amazing to watch you develop, but I always feel like I'm missing things and wish you'd reach your milestones a little slower -or at least spread them out a bit.

Your personality just continues to grow and grow. You're always on the move and so curious. We have to be extra vigilant with you now that you have the dexterity to pick up the tiny things on the floor that you see. You're quick and you know you're not supposed to be putting it in your mouth b/c you'll look directly at us while doing it as if testing our speed at fishing things out of your mouth. So far it's been benign, just paper and lint and an old cheerio or two, but that's mostly because we keep you locked up in your cage (joking, sort of). You love to climb (mostly on your toys and on mama), you love to play with the cars and to push all the buttons on your toys and knock things over -which really reminds me of how you are all boy (not to say a girl wouldn't or couldn't like these things too). 

You're determined and stubborn and definitely know what you want and will squeal in protest when something is taken away from you or things aren't as you would like them. I'm hoping this little personality quirk is a phase because I cannot be responsible for a bratty kid! But at the same time, you are one of the most chill babies I know. You started swim class this month and I'm kind of proud to admit that you are the only baby that hasn't cried yet. You love the pool and splashing and don't seem to mind the water at all (even when mama is a little careless and lets your face go under giving your dad a heart attack each time).  You do this cute thing when you get excited and you'll have something in your hand and you'll put it over your head and just grin and squeeze it so tight, it's like you're trying to will your arms to lift you up. You're desperate to stand up unassisted from sitting, but so far you've just taken to bouncing, which is ineffective, but adorable. You still haven't figured out pockets and will still carry things around in your mouth, which I have to give you credit for your resourcefulness.  You're a happy boy and love to smile and laugh and seeing how your face lights up in the morning or when I get home from work just melts my heart every time.

There's so much that's happened this past month and I have loved every minute of it. I'm still sad about the baby part of you that's gone, but that pales in comparison over the excitement of finding out about the boy you're becoming.

I love you and I can't believe I've know you on the outside now as long as I knew you on the inside... 9 months in, 9 months out... what an adventure it has been.


(Just to note: I actully had this written on time (Sunday), but your dad was out of town and he had all the pictures!)

These are pictures from the past month. There's a lot because I couldn't filter out my favorites.

eating Christmas Eve dinner at Hema's
Christmas morning
Opening a present from Santa
You love Daddy, but not in the middle of the night!
What a ham
Your usual sunny disposition
snazzy Christmas outfit
First Christmas
Always happy in the highchair
stuck in the cage
Can't believe how tall you are -these are 12 month pjs and we're kind of just jamming you in there.
Love this toy -thanks uncle Matt & aunt Nat

Love the cars -thanks Luke for sharing!

Learning to share with Ellis

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