Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blink of an eye

I still can't believe you've gone from this

to this so quickly.

As I rocked you last night, I thought about how I used to sit there and hold you in one arm, with your head nestled perfectly in the crook of my elbow and your feet in my palm. And now a year later, your legs are all squished and oozing off the sides of the chair and your whole body sprawls across my body in a way that can't be comfortable, yet you still manage to fall asleep. I know you won't tolerate being held and cuddled as much the older you get, but I hope to always steal a few minutes of quiet time together because I will always have time for a kiss and a cuddle with you.

p.s. It already is getting hard to take pictures with you. I have a lot of these kinds of pictures where you just are trying to get away (or get whatever I'm holding).

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