Monday, May 6, 2013

Dear Nora: Month One

Dear Nora-
Wow, you're already a month old... what a fast month this has been. Just like everything in your short existence, time has been flying by at warp speed. My pregnancy with you did not seem to last nine months -more like nine minutes and these past days and weeks have continued to go by at warp speed and are a complete blur. The fact that this newsletter is getting out just a few weeks late is amazing since I literally have no idea where the time goes.

Nora, you are a great, sweet baby. I hope that continues as I constantly am holding my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. I've been told (and read about) the difficult and crazy times of having a newborn and toddler as well as the difficulty of transitioning from one to two... and somehow I seem to have lucked out both times I've had a newborn. Your brother was an easy baby and you are as well (although last night was a doozy of a night and you were not happy -or easy). You've got a sweet temperament and put up with a lot including your brother and his out pouring of love. You tolerate him kissing and poking you, his aggressive pushing on the swing and the weight of his head on your body when he tries to "snuggle" you.

It has been amazing to watch you two and some of the sweetest moments are when you'll be lying down next to each other looking at each other. You'll just watch him fascinated and Callan just loves you to bits. My heart swells each time thinking about the connections you've already made with each other and I hope your friendship continues to grow. Even though you won't always be best friends, I hope you'll always be there for each other.

In other news, you are a GIANT baby. Your dad and I make adorable (in my biased opinion), but giant babies. You were born completely normal (7 pounds, 8 ounces, 19 inches long), but you've grown (literally) in leaps in bounds. On Friday you had your one month well baby visit and at 5 weeks old you are now 12 pounds, 14 ounces (seriously, that's almost 13 pounds) and 23.25 inches long! You've gained 5 pounds and grown 4.25 inches. That's ridiculous. And in comparison, Callan was 24 inches, but only 10 pounds, 14 ounces so you are 2 full pounds heavier than he was (and I thought he was big!). You are still in size one diapers and firmly in 3 month clothes... I'm pretty sure we'll be busting out the 6 month clothes soon! So much for my idea of having a cute petite baby girl. But don't worry, we still love you and find you completely adorable in your chunky pork chop/meatball way.

Happy one (+) month baby girl.


P.S. Having a girl is going to be fun... I mean, look how cute the clothes and accessories are!

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