Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 18/19

I have nothing new to say, but I found one of these little surveys on the bump, so I figured I'd use it for this week's update.

How far along: 18 weeks, 4 days
How much weight have you gained: 12 -it's definitely coming on fast and steady these days... I'm a little nervous, but haven't really done much to curb it and I'm sure with the holidays coming up, it's not going to get any easier either!
Maternity clothing: I just recently (i.e. today) embraced maternity pants. I've gotten pretty wide recently so wearing regular pants became pretty uncomfortable by the end of the day. I guess I don't need maternity clothing yet, but it definitely is more comfy!
Stretch marks: No
Belly Button in or out: Still in, but it's definitely getting wider. Huge thinks it's going to pop out any day now, but I think we've still got a good few months to go.
Baby movement: I keep saying yes, but nothing definitive and nothing from the outside.
Work out: Yah, I've been slacking and now that I'm not walking to work anymore I really need to start something. This may also be contributing to the recent (and rapid) weight gain.
Cravings: Nothing yet, or nothing stronger than my previous non-pregnancy cravings.
Aversions: Nope, all is good.
What do you miss: I miss my regular pants. I have an extensive collection and I'm not able to wear any of my winter ones -I'm going to completely bypass the season! I also miss skirts. I haven't bought any maternity ones and my pre-pregnancy pencil skirts are not going to work. Other: The headaches are finally dying down. They still come around once in a while, but definitely not with the consistency they were. I would say I'm down to about 1 a week, which is great b/c I was up to 3-4 before.

This is the most recent picture (taken on Sunday), but I think since then I've popped, so next week's picture will probably show a big growth -although it might just be Thanksgiving dinner!

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