Wednesday, May 2, 2012

12 month update/review

I feel a little behind in my posting (I still have to update about Callan's first birthday party) and there definitely is a lot to update, but for some reason I've been dragging my feet on doing it. I can blame it on work and being busy, but I know it's more than that... maybe it's because once I post it becomes real and an indelible mark in history (however trite that might sound). But then it's almost like if you don't say it happened, and you don't remember, did it really happen? And since I have a terrible memory, this blog comes in handy to recall those little details.

Anyway, Callan is one. Yes, I realize he has been for over a week now, but I think it's only now sinking in. He's firmly entrenched in the toddler category and no longer teetering on the edge between baby and toddler. Although he still has dimples-for-knuckles, that may be one of the last pieces of babyhood he has (on a side note -I might cry a little when I wake up one day and find those gone) and he really is all toddler. He's starting to communicate more, and understands simple things we ask/tell him. And he knows what he wants, when he wants and is not afraid to let us know when something has displeased him. I like to say he's "willful" because he's so smart and knows what's going on, but honestly it is kind of just a pleasant way of saying when he's being b-r-a-t-t-y. I'm hoping that as he understands more and is able to communicate more, this will get better, but only time will tell. Speaking of communication, in the last month he has really picked it up a notch. Since he was little, we have used (somewhat inconsistently) a few signs with Callan and this past month, he has started to actually uses them to communicate with us. We started with the basic signs; more, eat, water. milk and all done, and now we're adding please, thank you, help, cheese, cracker and book.  His favorite sign is more, since it usually is food related, but he'll also do it to signify again or to signal he wants more of whatever you have. He's also shaking his head no and pointing (and grunting) at things. It's amazing to see how his communication skills are improving and developing every day and although we can't really credit him with any real words, it seems like he's on the cusp of that too.

Callan has been walking for a little while, but all of a sudden, he seems like a real kid walking, and not just a baby learning how to walk. He loves moving around, climbing, and most of all dancing. I wish I could get a good video, because it may be one of the funnies, most adorable things ever. He's recently taken to dancing with his arms up, and he looks like he's ready for the clubs. His dance moves involve a lot of squats and bouncing, with an occasional twist thrown in. Callan is so entertaining and I love just watching him and interacting with him. I wish I had pictures and video of everything, because I know eventually I'm going to forget all these things and it's these small things that are so wonderful... like how he knows some of his body parts, but instead of pointing to his eyes, he'll squeeze them shut really tight and stick out tongue to show you, or how he'll put things in your hands when he wants you to open them or will take your finger and rub it on the books that teach babies about different textures, or how he'll take your hands and put them under his armpits when he wants to be picked up even though he's supposed to be lying down and sleeping, or how he likes to brush his hair or everything can be turned into a telephone and he'll just walk in circles while talking on the "phone"... There are a million of these little things that are so entertaining, but in and of themselves, unimportant, but things I don't ever want to forget.

Clearly we've had fun over the last year and I'm looking forward to the upcoming one to see what changes, challenges and adventures will come. I was hoping to have my video montage of the past year done by now, but I'm a little lazy, and getting photos from Huge proved to be more challenging than I thought. So instead I made a mini one with the pictures I had, which consisted of mostly iPhone pics... so it might not be the best, but it'll have to do (for now).

I still can't believe you're one... how the heck did that happen?

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  1. Aww, I love this! So funny you posted this too....I made Luke's "video montage" too so I could post on his birthday. Did you spend the entire time crying as you put it together?? I did. But I'm a sap. Loved watching Callan grown and change so much .... Amazing.