Friday, May 25, 2012

Dance, Dance Revolution

I've talked before about Callan's dance moves and I've been trying for awhile now to catch them on video. Unfortunately, as soon as you whip out the camera, the crazy kid wants it (and stops doing whatever it is that you're trying to film). So I finally was able to do it on the sly -so sorry for the weird side angle, but it's worth a watch. The kid's got moves and what he lacks technically, he makes up for in heart.

For Callan's birthday, his nana and papa got him music classes at Old Town 
School of Music. They have a wiggle worms program geared at kids his age, where they sing, dance and play musical instruments. Callan is one of the few walkers in his group, but he loves it. He tends to be a little shy at the beginning, but by the end of class, he's up dancing and playing with some of the other kids. It's hilarious and he's definitely having a lot of fun. It's a shorter program for the summer, but I'm thinking we'll do it again in the fall. It's been nice to have an activity that Callan enjoys that both Huge and I can be a part of. I can take Callan on my own, when Huge is out of town, but when he's here we both like to go and the other kids/parents have all been great too. Now I just need to work up the nerve to see if any of the parents would be up for a play date!

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