Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers Day

I am very behind in posting --same excuses, work is crazy, life is crazy and I just don't have time, but if I don't write them down, I will forget and that would be worse. So this past weekend was Mothers day (hope you all remembered to call your moms! And is it Mothers Day or Mother's Day? I always want to spell it with an apostrophe, but I think that wrong...) and we had a wonderful weekend. Friday night, Huge and I went to dinner at Ria, which was absolutely amazing.  I told Huge that it was one of the best meals I've had in a long time. Not only was the food was fabulous, but the service was stellar and so attentive (and Huge is treated like a minor celebrity there since he's done a lot of work for them and knows the chef, manager, sommelier). It definitely brought me back to a time when eating out was an occasion. I would definitely recommend going there (although, it's not cheap, so go for a special occasion or when you have some extra cash to spend!).
Saturday was a busy day with Wiggle worms (more on that later) and Luke's 1st birthday party (again, another post to come later) in the suburbs, so we spent the afternoon in the 'burbs hitting up Ikea and running other assorted errands.

Sunday was Mothers Day and I woke up to a nice surprise. Callan had gotten me a present! He decorated a balloon and gift bag with his hand prints (they're jumbo!) and then framed a picture of us. It was a great Mothers Day gift and I'm glad he remembered it :)

Before we give Huge too much credit, I should note that this was all Adelia's idea -and it's a good thing she did it because otherwise I don't think Callan/Huge would have gotten me anything! I love the picture, especially since we take a lot of pictures together (thanks Huge), but so rarely print them and the hand print bag is something I'll save. I guess Adelia took the kids on the balcony to make the bags and the boys were more interested in throwing things over the edge... guess that water table we wanted to get Callan will have to wait - I can't have them pitching things over from 14 floors up!

Anyway, this was technically my second Mothers Day, but the first one we really celebrated. I don't usually make a big deal over holidays or my birthday, but I really did enjoy having the day that was all about me (and Callan). Thanks Huge, Adelia and Callan for making Mothers Day so memorable.

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